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April 17th, 2005


A wife called me the other day. While these types of calls are rare, I occasionally get them. After I answered she immediately demanded to know who I was. There was a nervous, angry tone in her voice.

This is actually a pet peeve of mine. It always irks me when people call and demand to know who they’re talking to. They chose to call me after all.

“Who’s this?” I asked. Her anger broke and the nervousness won out. She said she thought I might know her husband and gave me his name.

Often when I get these calls I avoid answering any questions and refer them to the main office number. But there was something in her voice. She thought her husband was having an affair with me.

I explained that I easily recall the names of my regular callers and I didn’t recognize her husband’s name.

She asked if this was phone sex. I told her yes. There was a bit of hope in her voice when she asked, “So you don’t meet people in person?”

I said no. However, this is a lie. I’ve met a few of my clients but it is a rare occurance. Why complicate matters here? I honestly didn’t recognize his name.

I repeated that I only talked to people over the phone. I assured her that I know the names of my regular clients since they call me often and I didn’t know her husband’s name. If she found my number on her phone bill it could be he just called for information or just called and hung up.

The nervousness came back-she mumbled a quick thank you and hung up.

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