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April 24th, 2005

Quick and Nasty

Skanky Bitch called me today. He’s a semi-regular caller, although I don’t know much about him. Since he likes to start role playing so quickly we never have a chance to get to know each other.

Any questions I ask Skanky, (ie what have you been doing lately, what’s on your mind today, have you been busy with work) always return to his fantasy. His answers? “Thinking about you. Serving you. I’ve been busy working to please you.”

That was hard to deal with at first because I didn’t know what he was into. Did he like to be spanked? Fucked with a strap-on? Pissed on?

Turns out he likes all that and more. He’s a helpful client in that he gives really good feedback. If I’m heading in the right direction he jumps into character playing along. If he’s really turned on he’ll sluuuuuuuuuuuurp the phone receiver. If he doesn’t like where I’m going he’ll respond by saying what he wants in character.

He’s really into getting big cock. Today it was 12” black cock. But that wasn’t big enough for Skanky today. “But their cocks are still soft!” he exclaimed. I appreciate his subtle hints to change direction. (I’ve had callers in the past who rudely told me I was doing it all wrong.) So when hard those cocks swelled up to 14” and he was happy.

Skanky Bitch is a formulaic caller-it’s pretty much the same call every time. Nasty slut gets fucked my me and others. Humiliation is as crucial an element as his slutty lipstick. Occasionally toilet training is thrown into the mix.

He gets embarrassed as soon as the rush of orgasm passes. Moments after cumming he rushes off the phone. He always says goodbye too which I prefer over abrupt hangups.

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