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January 20th, 2006

Fucking Wifey To Make Me Jealous

An interesting threesome.

My Fabulous Foot Slut was having a hard time getting ahold of me. He’s one of my sweetest clients and gets really emotional when he can’t get me on the phone. His voicemails usually consist of sighs, whimpers and a choked up message that he’ll try to call later.

This latest round of phone tag caused him to be jealous. He decided to fuck his wife to make me jealous. His wife doesn’t approve of his foot fetish and refuses to indulge him. This has caused their marriage to suffer-they rarely have even vanilla sex. Thus his reason for calling me.

He fucked her in the morning and called me that night. First words out of his mouth were-”I fucked her today because I couldn’t get a hold of you.”

Instantly I knew I was on shaky ground. Getting truly jealous was out-that might result in an argument with him which I don’t want. Dissing on Wifey too much might cause him to get defensive. Yet not taking this jealousy fuck seriously might insult him. And honestly, his act of rebellion intrigued me.

So I asked, “Did you fuck her to make me jealous?” As he answered yes I could hear the smug satisfaction in his voice.

“But FFS, how could I be that jealous? I know you were thinking about me the whole time you were fucking your wife.”

He moaned out a yes. I had a hunch this was the case and his moan proved me right. The rest of the call consisted of intimate details about fucking Wifey. How she moaned, how she played with her nipples when she came, how she likes it when he thrusts in and out of her so hard the bed shakes. The more he thought about sucking my toes, the harder he fucked her.

What an unusual threesome. I play a prominent role in their fucking and Wifey plays one in our fantasy call. It sounds odd, but in a way I feel like I know the woman because I’m privy to so many of her intimate moments.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 9:09 PM CST