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January 25th, 2006

Porn Haters-What’s Their Kink?

Gonzales torture fetish.

From an article at Corante:

Something occurred to me when reading of how the Justice Department wants a week of Google search records, ostensibly to enforce the failed law against Internet pornography, but with authority under the Patriot Act.

This is getting someone’s rocks off.

Agreed. The more vehement someone screams and curses about the evil of porn the more I wonder what their kink is. When I was a girl my hometown held a campaign against the dirty video store. The leader of the group, a pastor, had his own stack of hardcore porn stashed away that my friend found while babysitting his children.

My personal theory is sex haters need to make sex taboo in order to get off. If it’s not forbidden or wrong there’s no turn on for them. Think about how much Sen. Rick Santorum rants about man on man sex, or his seemingly personal favorite man on dog sex. Or Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ obsession with torture? Makes one wonder eh?

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