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September 2nd, 2006

Panty Tree

Pin-Up Girl: Sexy Office

Panty Peeping Tom has become a regular caller of late. He likes to tell me of his scores he’s accomplished since our last call.

PPT scores whenever he gets a peep up a skirt or a look down a blouse. Sometimes it’s just a quick peek. A waitress bends over the counter and he gets a glimpse of her upper thighs. A women bends down to grab her purse and he sees cleavage for a moment. For longer peeks he likes to go to department stores pretending to shop near an escalator. When a women with a short skirt gets on he gets on as well making sure to be several steps behind her. As the escalator rises he gets his savored view.

Being a peeping tom isn’t all he’s into. PPT likes to play with women’s panties, the dirtier the better.

Recently PPT has told me about a panty game he plays. He likes to be a panty tree. When he house sits he digs into the house owner’s laundry hamper. Pulling out all the women’s underwear he lays them out in a row to gaze at while he undresses.

Then he starts to dress himself in the panties. He hangs panties off his shoulders, off his arms and positions them to hang off his legs. He dangles the prettiest pair off his erect cock. The smelliest pair he saves for his face. With this pair draped over his head he stretches out his arms and feels the panties covering his body.

PPT tells me he likes to stand like this for long periods of time in “the panty goodness”.

When his excitement can no longer be contained he carefully strips the panties off his body and lays them again in a neat row in front of him. He jerks off while staring at these panties depositing his cum in the special pair that he draped over his face earlier.

After cumming he collects all the panties and puts them back in the hamper. He is careful to cover his tracks. PPT mixes the panties into the dirty clothes so there is no tell-tell clump of dirty panties on top. So far he has not been caught.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 11:55 PM CDT