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February 21st, 2007

Session To Do List

Sexy heel

This past weekend I did a session with the Fabulous Foot Slut. I wrote about his strong resemblance to my father in law here. For this post I wanted give you an idea of what I did to prepare for the session.

FFS can’t travel because of work and family issues so I travel to his city. We meet in a fancy hotel near his office. The first day of the session I did the following:


-Shave armpits and legs, significant because as a hippie I don’t shave often. Ideally I would start shaving regularly as soon as I knew a session was coming up. Do I ever? No. I typically forget and frantically shave at the last minute. This time I even forgot my razor and had to use the cheap one blade razor the front desk provided. Again, this wouldn’t have been a problem but a one blade razor shaving fuzzy legs is not a simple task.

-Curse whenever I knick myself with the razor

-Find ways to stash luggage throughout hotel room so FFS doesn’t realize I have a travel companion. Mr. Radical came along and we made a mini vacation out of the trip.

-Organize all my session items in a dresser for easy access

-Do makeup, style hair

-Make plan to manipulate which toes FFS sucks. (I have a remaining bit of Athlete’s Foot on my pinky toes.)

-Get dressed in Mistress clothes. Don’t put on heels until last possible moment.

-Say goodbye to Mr. Radical who goes to an internet cafe to surf until session is over

-Double check room that there is no sign I have a roomie. Turn over hubbies glass. Stow some of the trash in a drawer so hotel doesn’t look too lived in.

-Find place to put session fee so I don’t have to fumble with my purse in front of FFS

-Put on heels

-Wait for the knock on the door

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2 Responses to “Session To Do List”

  1. Al Sensu says:

    Results are always better when you make a list and stick to it.

  2. Vixen says:

    Al-Totally. I am always making to do lists for myself.

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