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November 16th, 2007

Fox News Porn

Fox News Porn

Mr. Radical sent me a link for Fox News Porn today. Like Outfoxed it shows the hypocrisy of Fox News. In a way Fox News is like a conservative client. I’ll get a guy who says he hates “those fags”, anal sex, orgies etc. but 15 minutes into the call he’s begging me to make him do the very thing he supposedly hates. Fox News shows images of the very things they’re condemning. While I wasn’t surprised by Fox News Porn I think they did an excellent job in compiling the many examples of Fox’s hypocrisy.

FOX News uses sex segments to divert outrage from the real obscenity, the war
By ChrisH from the News Hounds

Bill O’Reilly is sort of FOX’s preacher, or the father figure who scolds and punishes the wayward, appealing to the viewers who yearn for the “Father Knows Best” days of yore when minorities knew their place, women stayed home in servitude, kids were seen and not heard, and a man’s home was his castle. Yes, those were the days - if you weren’t a minority, a woman, or a kid. Hence O’Reilly’s popularity among older white males who blame their lost stature on teevee even as they’re glued to it.

See what they’re getting with their “news” at on FOX Attacks.

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