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June 29th, 2008

Flunking A Call

In Thoughts of You

I totally blew a call the other day. Occasionally a call will feel flat which usually means the caller and I didn’t connect. (Not always though. Monotone Man’s calls always feel flat and he’s been a regular for years.) The other day a call just failed. I’ll guy the guy Disappointed Client because that’s what he was by the end.

The call started off alright. DC told me he was a sissy. This seemed like a good sign-typically I do well on sissy calls. On the whole sissies make for fun calls. When I asked some more questions he told me his wife sissified him and kept him in chastity.

These were two good ingredients for a call. I tried to get a feel where DC wanted to go. But the call started stalling out. I’d ask him leading questions like what are you wearing today and he’d say “nothing” because he was at work. Trying another tactic I asked what sort of thing his wife dressed him in. He did answer but it was an abbreviated answer as if the question annoyed him.

Typically sissies like to talk about their girlie clothes so his boredom perplexed me. Switching directions I asked about the chastity. He seemed to liven up at the question but not by much. After he finished telling me about his chastity device he relapsed into silence. I was silent myself trying to figure out what he wanted.

Questions weren’t working so I again switched directions. I told him “Well if your wife ever let me borrow you…” and started talking about a sissy/cuckold fantasy. I paused here and there to see if he’d comment. I wasn’t expecting a huge amount of words but an “oh yeah” or “tell me more” would have been good feedback.

But there was nothing. No comments, no moaning, no sighs even. I fell silent again and tried to think. What did he want?

DC broke the silence. “Can we just stop the call?” Shit, I had blown it. Normally when I have a flat call the guy finishes the fantasy and just doesn’t call again. You know it’s bad when they want to make an abrupt end like he did.

I told him we could end the call but asked if something was wrong. DC said I was very nice to try but I just wasn’t arousing him. Figuring he’d hang up any second I went for a question sure to provoke a comment-”But you’re in chastity I thought you didn’t want to get aroused?”

I wasn’t trying to be bitchy-I wanted a critique of the call. Hearing criticism of my phone work is hard but I wanted the feedback. Perhaps I was having an off day and DC could tell me something that I could work on.

“You have too much hesitation. It just isn’t working.” After saying those words he hung up. Too much hesitation?! But he was the one barely talking!

There’s something that just sucks when you blow a call like this. Thoughts of “am I losing my touch” and “maybe I didn’t pick up on something that he said” went through my head afterwards.

I will admit that first calls aren’t my strong point. Once I get to know my clients I fall into a groove with them and crank out the great calls. I tend to let new clients talk a lot. The more details they give me the better call I can give them. Sometimes this weirds guys out. When asked why I’m not saying anything I’ll reply “I’m listening to you.” Typically they like this and it’s especially good for those that have never gotten a chance to talk about their desires. I also hate interrupting. I don’t want to cut them off when they’re giving me good material to use in the fantasy.

After DC hung up I replayed the call in my head. Did I really hesitate too much? It didn’t seem like it. Perhaps he wanted me to constantly talk. One of my regulars likes constant chatter. When I pause to take a sip of water he’ll urgently say “keep talking”. DC didn’t indicate he wanted that sort of thing though. It’s like he wanted me to instinctively know where to take the call when in reality I didn’t have a clue.

Later that night I talked to two of my regulars. One was a sissy who thanked me profusely before hanging up like he always does. The other was a forced cocksucking call that went smoothly. I was thankful for both calls because they were a boost to my PSO esteem.

After working the phones for six years I know that not every call is going to be stellar. There are going to be clients that just don’t click with me. I try to remember this but it still feels deflating when a client wants to end the call abruptly.

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10 Responses to “Flunking A Call”

  1. madam butterfly says:

    It is tough in any customer service or inside sales position when the call goes flat. You end up for hours replaying the call in your head. We all try to provide good service but it is common now for many people to think you can read their minds. Over the years I have discovered my psychic abilities are better on some days than others. I am glad your later calls went well. I have moved on in some ways. But I have clients who at times still think I know what they dare not tell me. It can be like getting water out of a prune to get the details needed to complete the project. I bet that guy is just as uncommunicative at work and home as he was with you on the phone. But his wife is creative by keeping him in chastity she does not have to care about what arouses him or the desires he keeps to himself. I just hate for your sake he cut the call short. Hugs!

  2. Secondhand Rose says:

    I feel the same way about first calls and calls that go poorly. Usually this happens when, as you said, the caller expects you too be intuitive and ‘just know’ what to do; which in this business isn’t very likely.

  3. Lady Sascha says:

    I hate calls like this. I think every PSO has had them. While I do know that I am not every man’s cup of tea, I do wonder sometimes if this total lack of communication on the caller’s part is a sort of passive agressive attempt to top from the bottom. I have had callers to tell Me when I ask them what are they into “Well, You’re the Domme, You tell me!” Domination is not one-size-fits-all, it relies on communication between the two parties, whether IRL or on the phone.

  4. Miss Honey says:

    Such an interesting post. Too bad he couldn’t help you out a bit and in the end help himself.

  5. Ellie says:

    Ugh, this is painful to read because I’ve been there before. It also means that when guys are naturally quiet but enjoying themselves I have trouble detecting it. So frustrating.

  6. little man p says:

    Your blog post had me remembering a call that i made a number of years back to a PSO that sounded exactly like my sister,.. which as You can imagine was a huge turnoff. i found myself stuttering and embarassed (in a bad way) and pretty confused,.. ending the call in what can only be described as weirdly - in a kind of choppy and broken manner. To this point, perhaps the issue with DC was your voice that threw him. Chemistry is often tough to predict.

  7. Heidi Willow says:

    It is always inspiring to me to hear I am not alone in being disappointed with a call that falls flat. I always have difficulty starting a call with someone new and it’s good to know I am not alone.

  8. Skep says:

    Not a PSO, but been working on the phone with regular clients for years.

    Did you consider the possibility that he was just looking to shoot someone down? I know that there are people that get off on making other people feel shitty.

    Even if that was not the case, you can’t connect with all the people all of the time, even if you’re the most charming and intelligent and adaptable person on the planet.

  9. Vixen says:

    MB-I hear ya. Often I replay a call in my head to critique myself, figuring out what I did well and what I could improve on.

    SR-Exactly! A kink can turn on one person while disgusting the next.

    LS-I sometimes wonder that too. It’s as if we’re supposed to deliver a fantasy that turns us on but it has to match theirs.

    MH-I agree. The more details they give the better call they’ll get.

    lmp-How interesting. I’ve had a call where the guy sounded like my father and I was weirded out. You bring up a good point.

    HW-Thank you. One of the best things that’s come out of this blog is connecting and relating to other sex workers.

    Skep-I did wonder that and thought it could be a possibility. Occasionally I’ve gotten a call a where it seemed the guy didn’t want it to work out. I’ve wondered if it’s because of sexual guilt. On the other hand, maybe it’s because of what you said-there are times when I just don’t connect with a caller.

  10. Busigaparet says:

    Interesting post but painful to read.

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