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February 6th, 2009

Sex News Round Up

Sex News Round Up

First up, some fucked up news.

From Yahoo News:
Exotic dancer set on fire outside LA bar
“An exotic dancer was set on fire outside the club where she worked early Thursday, burning more than 60 percent of her body, police said. They were searching for two suspects.

A woman and a man called the 27-year-old dancer outside around 1 a.m. and then doused her with a flammable liquid next to the Babes & Beer sports club in the San Fernando Valley, police said. The dancer ran back inside and patrons came to her aid, police said.


“Given the condition of this victim, they may be responsible for ultimately her murder,” Deputy Chief Michel Moore said. “This is a terrible, terrible attack.”

Moore said the dancer, a mother of two, was in grave condition after being burned over more than 60 percent of her body. Her identity was not immediately released.”

So, think the attacker will get properly punished or do you think the sentenced will be lightened because the victim is a sex worker?

Next up, ABC is a hypocritical bitch.

From Raw Story:
Wall Street CEOs, investment bankers charged prostitutes on corporate cards, madam says
“Kristin Davis, the madam in question, went public to ABC News this week; ABC will be broadcasting her interview Friday at 10 pm. Davis says she has a list of 9,800 clients, many of whom she says New York prosecutors deliberately avoided when taking her case, even though she offered them her annotated client list.

In what’s sure to create a media firestorm parallel to that of when a Washington, DC madam announced that she was publishing her client list (which included at least one senator), Davis’ comments come at a time where incredible ire is already focused on Wall Street and banking executives. The pressure for her to release the list will certainly be immense.


Davis provided the network with a print-out of her computerized client list, the same one she says that she offered the district attorney.”

ABC has a snippet of the interview up here.
CEOs, Bankers Used Corporate Credit Cards for Sex, Says New York Madam
“Wall street lawyers, investment bankers, CEOs and media executives often used corporate credit cards to pay for $2,000 an hour prostitutes, according to the madam who ran one of New York’s biggest and most expensive escort services until it was busted last year.

But prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office chose not to pursue any of the corporate titans, says Kristin Davis, who pleaded guilty last year to charges of running a prostitution business that used more than a hundred women. ”

Ok, I’ll admit I’m biased. But ABC treated Palfrey a whole lot different now didn’t they? In Palfrey’s own words, “ABC did a very nice fluff piece on me and I guess from a public relations standpoint if that’s what I was interested in they did a very lovely piece. However they really are not interested in doing much more than taking my situation and reaping as much as they could for sweeps week out of it. They weren’t really interested in my opinion in retrospect, at getting at the truth or trying to find out what was really going on. They were mostly interested in sweeps week and they played me for just that.”

If the banks weren’t failing and if it wasn’t so hip to portray bankers as villains I don’t think ABC would have taken the tone they did. But maybe Davis’ timing is good and she won’t end up hanging from a rope from “suicide” like Palfrey.

The Spanking Writers has an informative post about the new retarded UK law that just went into effect.
Criminally kinky?
“It might be time to consider cleaning up your PCs, for some of you in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Next Monday, 26 January, is the day that Provisions 63-68 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 come into effect - more colloquially known as the new ‘extreme porn’ laws.”

No, I’m not bitter. Where do you get such crazy ideas?

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