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April 20th, 2009

TV Turnoff Week/Digital Detox Week

TV Turnoff Week/Digital Detox 4/20

From Adbusters:
Digital Detox Week
“Adbusters challenges you to do the unthinkable: unplug. Say good-bye to Twitter and Facebook. Turn off your TV, iPhone and Xbox. For seven days, reconnect with the natural world and the people around you. You’ll be amazed at how the magic creeps back into your life. Don’t be afraid and don’t find excuses, just take the plunge and see what happens.”

I found out about Digital Detox Week when I was searching Adbusters for info on this year’s Turn Off TV Week. Damn, turning off all digital equipment for the week?! Erm…

I think TV Turnoff Week is great activism. And I’ll admit that celebrating it is pretty simple since I don’t even own one. But a week without any of my electronics? I use both my computer and phone for PSO work so I can’t go cold turkey. Though I can certainly cut down on the mindless surfing. My iPod is one of my favorite toys-I listen to tunes while knitting. Can I cut down on it? Sure…but man this is more of a challenge that I had anticipated. Still, I’m gonna try to detox a bit.

Though I won’t be detoxing completely I’ll try to cut down on my digital use and see how it feels. I’ll still be blogging and checking email. Most likely I’ll write up some blog posts ahead of schedule and only check email a couple of times a day.

If a week of digital detox sounds like too much, why not just turn off the TV?

From White Dot:
TV Turnoff Week 2009
“Challenge your work or classmates to get out of the box for a week! Download our TV Turnoff 2009 poster, print it out and make photocopies. Put them up in the kitchens, cafeterias, pubs and train stations. Stick them over any poster for a TV show! Make people curious about the life they’re missing.”

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