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April 9th, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: The Correct Answer

Mouth of Truth

“How are you doing tonight?” “What are you doing right now?” Simple enough questions aren’t they? But when they’re coming from a client the answers gets complicated. To ensure a good call I don’t always give an honest answer.

For the how am I doing question I always say “I’m doing good”. Saying I’m fine sounds too generic. And on the whole I am doing good so it’s truthful. It’s positive and vague enough that a client can move into his fantasy or chit chat easily.

Saying how I really feel breaks the fantasy girl illusion. Guys aren’t calling to hear that I’m tired, grumpy, depressed, distracted or filled with PMS. Though they have different tastes all clients are calling for attention. Putting my “best face forward” puts the focus back on them. After all, it is their call and my role is to entertain them.

If I tell clients I’m reading a book they often apologize for interrupting and sometimes try to cancel the call. Interestingly if I tell them I’m reading a magazine they don’t say that. Maybe they think of it as “lighter” reading and so it can be more easily interrupted? I don’t know.

When I tell them I’m knitting most clients don’t comment and go right into the call. The ones that do comment tend to ask “did you say you were knitting” and I’ll tell them yes. Sometimes they’ll comment that they’re grandmothers knit and then move on.

When I’m in a cranky mood and know my standard “I’m doing good” answer will come off as fake I ignore their question entirely. You’d think that would come across as rude. But it surprisingly works really well. I just talk about them and they don’t notice that I never answered their question. I like to think of it as truth by omission.

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