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May 23rd, 2009

A Difficult Scenario

Evening Repose

Of all the calls I do, one type is the hardest. I’ll describe it in hopes that other sex workers can give me some tips.

The call starts off with the client being vague. I’ll call him Difficult Client (DC). He almost always sounds bored. I’ll ask a range of questions in an attempt to find out what he’s into. For awhile DC will be unresponsive. Eventually he’ll drop a hint.

I’ll jump on the hint and start describing a fantasy. DC will be quiet and the call starts to feel awkward. Out of the blue DC will introduce his girlfriend/wife/mistress character. “That’s not how my mistress does it,” he’ll say. Following his cue I’ll ask about the woman in his life. I call her a character because it’s glaringly obvious that this woman isn’t real.

DC will tell me all about his perfect girlfriend/wife/mistress. She is always stunningly beautiful and fulfills all of his fantasies. I wrote about this scenario in my post Flunking A Call.

Another client likes to tell me about his slut girlfriend. He tells me all about the cocks she fucks and likes to call her a ‘dirty little whore’. I just “oooh” and “ahhh” the whole time. Sometimes he slips up on the details of his girlfriend. I smirk at his slip ups but never mention them.

Occasionally the client will shift focus. His girlfriend or mistress will morph into me. “If you were my Mistress what would you do?” As soon as they ask that the call gets easier. I can relax and we start a fun fantasy. The original mistress isn’t mentioned again and I remain his mistress for the rest of the conversation.

Does he ever mention her again? I’d say it’s 50/50. Sometimes the client calls back and I’m immediately his mistress. But other times they’ll call and start the fake mistress story anew. I’ll again play again until he gives the clue that I’m to start being his mistress.

During these calls I’m mostly in cheerleader mode. I cheer on the client and his fantasy. It seems like they want me to be in awe of their stories. I always pretend the fantasy is real and repeatedly compliment their imaginary woman.

A small handful of clients call me with this scenario. They’ve been calling for years so I must be doing something right. Still, I find these calls difficult. It feels like I can never relax during the call. The more over the top the story is the more awkward it feels.

For example, one of my clients pretends that he walks around his neighborhood with his giant cock out. Women will screech their cars to a halt, jump out and start sucking him while he’s on the phone with me. He’ll fuck them over their car hood while more women pull up and wait their turn. I of course never hear any of these women. But I pretend like they’re all really there.

Again, he’s been a regular for years so I must be doing something right. But I can’t seem to get over my uneasiness. These calls always feel stressful.

So, here’s my question sex workers-How would you handle a client like this?

Got any tips? Email me at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom or just leave a comment. Thanks!

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