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July 20th, 2009

Sex News Round Up

Sex News Round Up

From Yahoo News:
NZ porn king vows to push ahead with “Boobs on Bikes”
“A porn entrepreneur has vowed to go ahead with his annual “Boobs on Bikes” parade of topless women in Auckland, despite financial woes and the opposition of the city’s mayor.


Auckland Mayor John Banks says he is vehemently opposed to the parade of topless porn stars, which attracts thousands of spectators, but is powerless to stop them.

A court ruled last year the parades are legal after the Auckland City Council, which Banks heads, tried to have them stopped.”

It seems Mayor Banks is outnumbered by the “thousands of spectators” that do like the parade. Good for them!

From BBC News:
Lessons for Karachi sex workers
“Zeba Raman is a 28-year-old Pakistani sex worker. Born into the profession in Karachi’s red light district of Napier Road, she plies her trade all over the city.


Pakistan’s first workshop on health awareness among sex workers has contributed to a new spirit of openness in the profession.

“Earlier we were doing our jobs secretly, but now we can raise our voice for our rights,” Ms Raman says.


The three-day event was recently held in Karachi by Gender & Reproductive Health Forum (GRHF) - a local social welfare organisation - in collaboration with the United Nations Fund for Population (UNFPA). ”

This was an uplifting article. It sounds both empowering and educational for the sex workers that attended.

From Reuters:
Berlin “sex academy” offers tips for visitors
“Wannabe Latin lovers can improve their technique by playing with the erogenous zones of naked mannequins at a new interactive exhibition that has now opened in Berlin.

The “Amora sex academy” that opened in Berlin on Thursday welcomes visitors with the wry slogan, “Finally — an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything.”


Next to it is what the museum called its “Spank-o-meter.” It measures the level of pleasure a mannequin receives when spanked with a leather whip.”

This sounds like a neat exhibition. I wish they had written more about the “Spank-o-meter”. How do they figure out how much pleasure the mannequin gets? People respond to spankings in such different ways-maybe they averaged it out?

From via Border Thinking on Migration, Trafficking and Commercial Sex:
German Sex Industry’s Bid To Bounce Back
“The sex industry in Germany has been hit hard by the global financial crisis, inspiring brothel owners to offer all kinds of perks to help boost business.


Customers who arrive on foot or by bicycle, or who can show their public transportation tickets are offered a $4.50 dollar discount off the usual $55 fee for 30 minutes.


The initiative, according to Rau, came from the prostitutes’ union, who proposed a discount measure as a way of helping the long-term jobless out of depression.”

This one is pretty clever. I like it.

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