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July 3rd, 2009

Fetish Fridays: Financial Submission

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Financial slaves have a sort of mythical status. I’ve heard some of the glory stories. Guys get off sending you tons of cash. The more you humiliate them the more money they give. They love paying all your bills and you can even demand a weekly allowance.

Unfortunately the reality is not as glamorous. There’s not many who call. Maybe it’s because the good ones are already snatched up. Or it could be that there aren’t a huge number of wealthy men who are not only kinky but also have this fetish. Then again, I’ve never marketed myself as a financial mistress so maybe that’s why I haven’t talked to many.

I’ve talked to a handful of men that call themselves financial slaves. Most of them “lose” the fetish as soon as they cum. Several like to give me detailed personal information. I have to write it all down-license number, work numbers, bank account numbers, etc.-because they like me to read back the info while they masturbate. After cumming they nervously ask if I’m going to throw out the numbers. I tell them yes because I always do. With a couple I put the phone down so they can hear me ripping up the paper.

These fake financial slaves are easy enough. The key is not to get your hopes up. Part of the financial fantasy is the client likes it to sound as real as possible. I’ve been promised many things-vacations, cruises, rent free apartments, cars, clothes. I haven’t gotten them but that’s not a surprise. I don’t point out the broken promises to the clients, that would break the fantasy. Instead I play along and pretend that the gifts are still coming one day.

One client likes us to shop Victoria’s Secret online during the call. I’ll pick out a bunch of lingerie and put it in his shopping cart. He cums as I pretend to check out and have him billed. Every time he calls back he apologizes for “chickening out” and promises this time we’ll complete the transaction. We never will but I always pretend to believe him.

Money Pig was the exception. He sent me a couple money gifts. During calls he liked me to describe him as a worthless pig; he was into heavy humiliation. He wanted me to drain his bank accounts. He’d jerk off and moan while I listed off the amount of cash I’d take. “Higher, take more,” he’d say. I’d slowly raise the amount until he came.

After cumming he always promised to send me the money I had supposedly taken. He never did and would apologize on the next call. This would lead into the fantasy of me taking even more money from him as punishment and the cycle would start anew.

He’d often ask for an address so he could send a check. I’d give him one not thinking he’d actually send anything. Then one day I received an envelope from MP with a check inside. I deposited it, half expecting it to bounce but it didn’t. I went to the spa and treated myself to a facial. The second check came and I went back to the spa and got a massage. In reality his gifts were much smaller than the ones promised in Erectionland. But it was fun to pamper myself. I would have enjoyed regular free spa visits.

After MP fulfilled his fantasy the allure seemed to fade. He started complaining about his job and bills. He became frustrated by his fantasy telling me he couldn’t send me any more gifts. I tried introducing other fetishes into the conversation but he rejected them all. He only wanted the financial one.

One day MP seemed particularly upset. During his usual fantasy he confessed he was worried about being laid off. He said he was thinking about moving back in with his parents. He ended the call by telling me he’d lost his erection so it was pointless to keep talking. That was the last time I heard from him.

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