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August 8th, 2009

Review: Babeland’s Under The Bed Restraints

Recently I received Babeland’s Under The Bed Restraints to review.

From the product page:
“No need to install complicated hardware or perfect your Boy Scout knots to have someone pinned and completely at your mercy—the Under the Bed Restraint system is simple, discreet and sets up in a snap. Four restraint straps and a connector slide under any size mattress—just attach each of the four soft, adjustable cuffs, and they’ll be rendered helpless in no time.”

The package looks good

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

And the back

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

Here’s the straps and cuffs

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

The wrist and ankle cuffs are identical.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

The straps are long enought to fit beds of many sizes.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

Here’s the restraints set up. I still have to shorten the wrists and ankle straps.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

Mr. Radical agreed to be my model.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

The straps are made of webbing.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

The cuffs close with velcro.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

A key ring and metal clip attach the cuffs to the straps.

Babeland's Under The Bed Restraints

So what do I think? It’s certainly a clever idea. Everything’s adjustable and the restraints make an excellent portable bondage kit. The cuffs are soft against the skin and the straps stayed tight.

But the materials aren’t that great. There’s quick release clips and key rings instead of strong D rings and buckles. The straps are thin webbing. Nothing buckles or locks down-the straps just tighten. The restraints work well enough but aren’t tough bondage materials.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. This kit has a cutesey feel which makes the $55 seem a bit high. People seriously into bondage would likely scoff at these restraints.

However, heavy leather cuffs and thick strong rope isn’t everyone’s bag. I can see using this kit to introduce a vanilla partner to bondage. Most of the straps could be hidden by the mattress, covers and pillows.

Personally, I like cuffs that buckle and prefer tying someone up with rope. But I’m definitely keeping these restraints. Some of my clients like to be tied up while I spank them. This kit will be perfect for my prodom sessions. It’s lightweight, portable and sets up quick-all things I need when I’m a traveling Mistress.

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3 Responses to “Review: Babeland’s Under The Bed Restraints”

  1. Bad Bad Girl says:

    I used these the first time, in my first Domme experience. I found them easy to set up (even on a big king size sleigh bed) and easy to remove. D rings would have been better and velcro always lowers the quality a bit, but I think these were decent enough for a first timer like myself!

  2. hetaera says:

    I own this!

    We actually got it for free because a close friend of ours used to manage an adult ‘toy’ store near here and she went to a conference and received a lot of stuff for free.

    I actually like it fairly well. Its very simple to use and I could really struggle against it and it held me in place. I love that its so adjustable, because my partner and I are both switches and we have very different builds.

    The only thing I would change is to an another attachment that you could use for a collar.

  3. Vixen says:

    BBG-The ease in set up and portability both impressed me.

    hetaera-A collar attachment is a clever idea.

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