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August 17th, 2009

Ironic Swine Flu Case

ironic swine flu case

From Times Online:
Swine flu advert actor David McCusker catches… swine flu
“In the stern instructions of the Government advertisement he caught it, binned it and killed it, but the actor who attempts to teach the public about how to contain the spread of swine flu has failed to apply the lesson to his own life.

David McCusker, 30, who is shown on the advert learning how to catch his sneeze and dispose of it safely, was quarantined two weeks ago after he was diagnosed with the illness.

He said that he has received endless ribbing from unsympathetic friends.”

Yeah, I bet he’s going to get teased over that for a long time. When I first saw the headline I figured it was an Onion article. But no, it’s apparently real. There is so much swine flu propaganda around the story link above. Ridiculous. The original video is also ridiculous. (If that link stops working just google “Catch It, Bin it, Kill It”.) Let’s ostracize the sneezer even though people spread their germs all the time in infinite ways. Sigh.

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