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June 15th, 2011

Vix Pix 4

Evening Lounge

From Kinky World:
Sex Toy Collecting
“You see, I have a hobby of sorts. Yes, I love reviewing, and yes, I love actually using the sex toy, but my love for my “job” resides in the fact that I just love COLLECTING all of my sex toys. However, I’m not really sure I realized how many toys I had until, while doing these pictures, the boyfriend said “I have to pee”, and I told him to avoid the dildos. That’s an interesting conversation I never thought I’d have.”

This sex toy collection is pretty impressive! Lots of cool pics at the link above.

From Tits and Sass:
Indigenous People In The Sex Trade Speak Out
“We as Indigenous peoples who have current and/or former life experience in the sex trade and sex industries met on unceeded Coast Salish Territory in Vancouver on Monday April 11th 2011. In a talking circle organized by the Native Youth Sexual Health Network we wish to share the following points about our collective discussion so that we may speak FOR ourselves and life experiences:

-We recognize that many of us have multiple identities and communities that we belong to – some of us take up the title of “sex worker” while others do not see themselves this way. We have a myriad of experiences in the sex trade, everything from violence, coercion, to survival, getting by, empowerment, and everything in between. We want to give voice to these issues so that those who are CURRENTLY involved in sex work and the sex industries feel supported and are the primary place where decisions surrounding our lives are made. We should not be made to feel judged, blamed, or shunned from ANY of the communities we belong to or are coming from. We are the best deciders of what we want our lives to be.”

The Facebook link for this group is here.

Wow, this was a powerful read.

From Va Va Voom:
History of the Condom
“Condom’s history goes back many centuries. They’ve traditionally been used as contraceptives and over the last 400 years have been found to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases. While religions and politicians have continually tried to hinder condom use, harming untold numbers of people, scientific reasoning has prevailed and made condoms important tools in the fight to stop the AIDS pandemic and have become a significant tool in family planning.”

Here’s one of the entries-”Late 1890’s-Sexual education classes were introduced to public schools for the first time, teaching about venereal diseases and how they were transmitted. They generally taught that abstinence was the only way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.” How ironic that over a hundred years later many school still teach abstinence only as a way to prevent disease.

They also have a shorter history of the vibrator here.

From Adele Haze:
Fun spanking boys
“I was lazily browsing the keywords that had brought people to my site, when one search phrase jumped out at me.

“Is it fun spanking boys?” an unknown searcher had asked Google.

If by “boys” we mean “grown consenting men”, then I would like to take a moment to let my eyes glaze over in a lust-filled daydream. How much fun is spanking boys, let me count the ways…”

Adele captures the fun of spanking so well in the above post.

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