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January 17th, 2012

Strike Against SOPA

Strike Against SOPA

Tomorrow many internet sites will go black to protest the SOPA bill. I don’t know how to turn my domain black so I’ll most likely skip blogging or put up a black square.

From SOPA Strike:
“On Jan 24th, Congress will vote to pass internet censorship in the Senate, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. We need to kill the bill - PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House - to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity. We need internet companies to follow Reddit’s lead and stand up for the web, as we internet users are doing every day.”

What’s so bad about this bill? Here’s a video to start you off:
PROTECT IP / SOPA Act Breaks the Internet

Wikipedia’s going black in a few hours but here’s their link about this protest:
Wikipedia:SOPA initiative/Take action

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