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March 16th, 2012

Revisiting American Idiot

Green Day American Idiot

I loved Green Day’s American Idiot so much I saw it again. This time I went with a couple girlfriends to Denver to see it. The show is still kick ass and revolutionary!

Of course the NYC version with sex god Billie Joe as St. Jimmy was better. (obligatory OMG that man is so fucking sexy comment here) But the Denver version still rocked. The actors were good, the singing was great, the choreography a delight to watch. The stage wasn’t as high up but that didn’t hurt the performance. I was relieved that Extraordinary Girl was performed with the two actors in the air. And just like the first time I cried during the Time Of Your Life encore. Last Night On Earth was performed on the stage instead of a raised platform like in NYC. The scene still was hauntingly erotic.

There’s so much to love about this musical-the music of course, the live band on stage, the grunge costumes, the angst, the sex, drugs and rock and roll. I bought the soundtrack after seeing it this time and have been grooving out to it for days. I also loved how the audience was filled with cute punk rockers. Being surrounded by Manic Panic’d hair, piercings, punk band tshirts, high heels and fishnet stockings-now that’s my kind of theater experience!

Just as before I highly recommend this musical! You can check out the tour dates here. My original American Idiot post is here.

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