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December 23rd, 2005

Fetish Fridays: Humiliation

Humiliated on the floor.

From Ask the Therapist via

“Many SM and DS interactions achieve their erotic edge through the consensual assumption of inequality between Master or Mistress and slave or other property, Dominant and submissive, or other form of Top and bottom. It is an easy call, therefore, to use degradation and humiliation to establish, enforce, or reinforce the presumptive power disparity. In addition, some people enjoy making or emphasizing such distinctions (or having them made or emphasized) by the Top’s belittling, insulting, or otherwise debasing the bottom.”

Many of my callers are turned on by humiliation. Sometimes it’s just light name calling-they’re a slut, whore or naughty boy. Other times it’s a full fledged scene-I strip the submissive down in front of mistress friends, tie him to the coffee table and invite my guests to take turns fucking him with their strap-ons.

Humiliation comes in many forms. A juicy list of ideas can be found at sub-dom.

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