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October 7th, 2006

LA Trip Part 1

Greetings from Los Angeles, California

I have debated how to tell you about my adventurous road trip. There are so many tangents in this tale that I need to serialize it to do the trip justice. Tonight I want to focus on a client of mine. I call him Latex Geezer; he’s an elderly man with a latex fetish.

LG believes he’s my slave. We started out in a professional relationship. He wanted to become a personal slave because he didn’t want to pay any longer. We started doing trades instead. We’d do a scene where a dressed him up as a woman and he’d play my maid. Then he’d buy me a new digital camera. It was a fine line though. He wanted to maintain his Erectionland fantasy of being my slave. I had to monitor that we were both getting something out of the trade.

LG wants to be a woman. He’s an elderly man though and will never attain his fantasy. We do what we can. I’ve gotten him to dress up, wear make up and a wig. He even has a girly name.

Originally he planned to buy hormones from the back of a magazine. I put my foot down and forbid him to do so because of his age. I ordered him to go to a real doctor. He now goes to one in LA for his “bobbie pills”. I like to call this doctor Dr. Feathers; it’s a fitting nickname. I met with LG in LA to meet with the doctor as a show of support.

When I met Dr. Feathers the first thing he says to me is that he thinks I have male pattern baldness. What?!? I had two braids which gathered my hair up. I realized he was trying to sell me female hormones. He tried to convince me I had too much testosterone in my body. He even asked if my periods were normal. I ignored him.

I went to the lobby to wait for LG to finish up his appointment. He received a shot of hormones and a cut in his ass where time release hormone pellets were inserted. After a few stitches he was ready to leave.

After LG made a future appointment we were on our way. We did some sight seeing around LA before heading back to my hotel to pick up Sera for dinner.

The plan goes off course. LG didn’t take the exit I tell him to take. I have come to realize he doesn’t like taking orders. The wrong turn took us onto 405 during rush hour. We got lost and the traffic was horrid. He got really pissy at this point. I coped by chatting on the phone and knitting a sock. I called Mr. Radical and Sera for directions and had LG stop off for directions as well. It took 3 1/2 hr to get back to the hotel. At most it should have taken us an hour.

By this time I was starved, as was Sera. LG was quite grouchy in the car. Getting Sera out of the hotel door was no simple task. LG knows I’m married but pretends I’m not. So whenever he was at the door Mr. Radical had to run to the bathroom and hide. It was just like a sitcom. Hilarity ensued…and became a theme for the trip.

Dinner was an event upon itself and must be saved for another post.

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