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October 20th, 2006

A Great Session

A cocobola flogger with an attractive woman.

I had a great in person session today. The gentleman in question lives in my city so there is a probable chance we’ll bump into each other sometime. I’ll call him Local Guy.

LG was one of my first in person clients years ago. In fact he was my third session. The first session was with a man who is the spitting image of my father in law. For my second session I had a man who complained, whined and pouted when I said no to his requests for sex.

For my first session with LG I was still nervous and at that point wary of another in person. He turned out to be quite pleasant. I felt that I was blowing the session because of my nerves. He did everything right on his end. He was polite, clean and honest. He just wanted what he originally asked for-a spanking and caning.

Though I know how to cane my nervousness made me blunder. The caning went fine but I made the mistake of spanking him with a hairbrush afterwards. He bled a little bit. I was mortified and said nothing. He put on black underpants and I silently hoped he wouldn’t realize what I had done. I know I should have said something but I was too scared.

Years pass and I heard nothing from him. We could have passed each other several times in town. I’d forgotten what he looked like so I wouldn’t have recognized him if we had. Yesterday he called and asked if we can do a session. His wife was out of town and he wanted to do the session at his house to save him the cost of a hotel.

I’ve never done a session at a clients’ house before. Generally I don’t because of safety concerns. LG seems very honest so I agree to do it but insisted on bringing someone with me. He excitedly asked if it was another mistress. After a pause I told him no. LG said he supposed I had to do that for safety reasons and he was fine with that. That seemed a good sign and we arranged a time for the next day.

I have had a string of bad experiences with in person sessions and have thought of giving them up entirely. But then I get a man who behaves fabulously and renews my faith in clients. Once I had the opportunity to do a double session with Sera and her best client. If only every guy could be as classy as him. Not only did he take us out to dinner after the session he invited my husband along. The two of them enjoyed discussing politics. Which was a good thing because Sera and I had to make frequent dashes to the bathroom to pee because we had drank too much wine.

Before arriving at LG’s house I had my pre-sessions nerves. Mr. Radical took me out to lunch to help me relax. I needn’t had worried. My session with him went wonderfully. It may be one of my top sessions ever.

LG greeted Mr. Radical and found a comfortable place for him to sit. He sat outside and read a book during the scene. The two of us went into the guest bedroom. He had gotten me a glass of wine and the session fee was sitting in an envelope on the table. He paid in larger bills, always a nice touch.

After I changed into Mistress clothes we took out our toys. We both like spanking and caning and compared our gear. I commented that we were asking like men showing off their cars and we both laughed.

LG wanted a repeat of our original session-lots of spanking and then a caning. I spanked him over my knee a long time as this was his favorite position. He doesn’t like role play so we often talk about the toys while I spanked him. When I tied LG up I flogged him because he had never experienced it. We chatted about floggers and how certain materials felt different while I was working his upper back.

I was still in his house but it didn’t feel as awkward as I had anticipated. The guest area was pretty cleared of any family references. I can’t imagine spanking a client in his own bedroom with a picture of wifey and the kids on the wall. There was a crocheted afghan on the bench where I spanked him. Being crafty I found myself eying it, noticing the pattern, wondering silently if his wife had made it.

His wife was out of town for several days so I could mark him. I gave him two sets of 12 with the cane. The first set using his, the second mine. After I was done he jumped over to the mirror and was pleased with the results.

I had a really fun time doing this session. LG behaved perfectly. He only wanted what he had asked for-a spanking and caning. He didn’t beg for sex, he didn’t try to touch me inappropriately. He was clean! (I can’t emphasize this last part enough.)

At the end of the session I said I’d love to do another session with him again and I meant it. I hope to see him again.

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