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October 19th, 2006

American Martial Law

Hitler is Bush's role model.

From Media Monitors Network:

America, Welcome to Martial Law?

Moments ago President Bush signed the Military Commission Act into law, stating “This bill provides legal protections that ensure our military and intelligence personnel will not have to fear lawsuits filed by terrorists simply for doing their jobs.

[The] legality of the system I established was challenged in the court, and the Supreme Court ruled that the military commissions needed to be explicitly authorized by the United States Congress. And so I asked Congress for that authority, and they have provided it.”

The Act passed the House on September 29th with 96% of Republicans supporting and 83% of Democrats opposing legislation that allows American citizens to be labeled “enemy combatants,” incarcerated, and tortured. Senator Arlen Specter warned before he inexplicably voted for the bill that the Act would “take our civilization back 900 years.”

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