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March 18th, 2007

Love Honey Toys Review

Bada Bing Cock Ring

What? You’ve never seen a zucchini wear a cock ring before? I got it like this at the grocery store!

Seriously, Love Honey sent me some new toys to review. First up is the Bada Bing Ring pictured above. Vegetable is optional. From their site:

“The ultimate cock ring makes you an orgasmic offer you can’t refuse - slide the super-chunky cock ring over his Big Tony and let the touch-activated clitoral stimulator make her sing like a canary!”

The designers of this cock ring did something clever. Throughout the ring there are little pieces of metal embedded into the material. When the vibrating nub is going the vibrations travel through the entire ring presumably because of these metal pieces.

There are two options for the vibrations via a tiny switch in the back. You can have it vibrate continuously but for added fun you can choose the other option where the ring only vibrates when something pushes against the front. The latter is my preferred way to use it. I’ve never been a huge fan of cock rings but the Bada Bing Ring is certainly a fun toy for occasional use. Those who are really into rings will definately get a kick out of it I think. The vibrating nub actually pops into the cock ring making cleanup easy, a nice touch.

Inch Perfect Vibrator

I had to stick with my vegetable theme! Next is the Inch Perfect Vibrator. This was great timing on Love Honey’s part. I was in need of a new vibrator but hadn’t bought one yet. I have the Mini which is six inches, the larger size is nine. The Inch Perfect is the only vibrator with a ruler on the side that I’ve ever scene. From their web site:

“Unique among sex toys, Inch Perfect is the world’s first measure-up vibrator. The sleek cream finish is designed to perfectly off-set its special black markings - an Imperial and Metric ruler that lets boys and girls find out exactly how much fun they’re going to be able to have with each other.”

Is the ruler useful after it’s initial shock value? Surprisingly yes. I found myself “checking” the measurements during play. “Oh, that felt good, how deep was that?” I didn’t expect to learn more about my masturbatory likes while testing out the Inch Perfect but I did. That was a pleasant surprise.

The geek in me is thoroughly entertained that they put both inches and centimeters on the side. What a lazy way for us yanks to teach ourselves metric. The focus of the toy is clearly the measurements but the real gem is the cream finish. It’s velvety soft and feels fantastic against the skin. The finish alone makes this toy worth owning. The vibrations are good and the knob at the bottom is well made for quick adjustments in speed. I recommend it.

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