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March 21st, 2007

Possible Porn Connection

Porn porn porn

Now this is an interesting story. I’m hoping we learn more. For now I wonder, why is it ok for the government to sell porn but not alright for others to do the same?

From AVN, story originally found at The Impolitic:
Attorney Says Justice Dept. Sold Same ‘Obscene’ Material As His Client

“TEMPE, Ariz. - AVN noted Wednesday that one of the interesting aspects of the recent Justice Department (DOJ) firing of several U.S. Attorneys was that two of them – Paul Charlton of the District of Arizona and Dan Bogden of the District of Nevada – were canned because they were “unwilling to take good [obscenity] cases” that had been presented to them by the Justice Department’s obscenity unit. That unit is currently being run by former U.S. Attorney of Utah Brent Ward.

But as we were examining some of the documents in the one obscenity case that Charlton did file – United States v. Five Star Video, LC, et al – an interesting coincidence leapt out … and it’s one that the Justice Department may have found so embarrassing that Charlton’s firing may simply have been another casualty in the cover-up surrounding it. ”

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