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November 22nd, 2008

Reinterpretation Of Bush Handshake Video

Reading the news today I saw a few sites mention the video below where world leaders supposedly refuse to shake Bush’s hand:

When Sanchez mentions he googled Bush and bully and says the results I felt annoyed. I watched the video again and noticed that not everyone on the top row shook everyone’s hand in the second row. Sanchez just wanted to make fun of Bush and only showed part of the video to make his point. This drek passes for journalism these days?

Fortunately BAGnewsNotes posted about this and showed the longer C-SPAN video. He gives an interesting reinterpretation of the video that’s worth a read as are the comments below the post.

Mind you I’m no fan of Bush but bash him when it’s deserved people, there’s plenty of opportunity.

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