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January 12th, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: When The Truth Hurts

Mouth of Truth

Cum Guzzler is a regular of mine. He wants to suck cock but is scared to do it in real life, calling me instead. Most of the time he’s an easy call.

For a few weeks last year he became obsessed with “what I really thought of him”. Each call would start the same. “Tell me the truth. What do you really think about me? What do you really think about my fantasy?” At first I took this as a cue to begin said fantasy. I’d answer that I thought he was such a slutty cocksucker and then start describing him sucking a big one.

Normally this works well with him. But for some reason CG kept changing it back to “the truth”. I was positive he didn’t want the real truth so kept my answers standard fantasy intro answers.

After several calls of this I was tired out. My intro answers weren’t working and CG was getting moody. During one call where he again asked me what I “really thought of him” I told him the truth. CG is an ok guy, he’s a mid-life crisis stereotype really. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I tried to use my sweetest voice when telling him my opinion.

This isn’t verbatim but it’s close. I told him “I think you’re having a mid-life crisis. You’re in a failed marriage. You and your wife don’t love each other and resent, borderline hate, each other. You’re only staying in the marriage because of the children. You resent this and then feel guilty because you love them. You are bored with your job but are stuck because you’re the breadwinner in the family. You probably have depression. You have a drinking problem that could easily slip into alcoholism if you don’t treat your depression. Your fetish will never be accepted by your wife so you have to explore it outside your marriage. But you have guilt over cheating so you call women like me.”

When I finished there was only silence on the other end. I looked at my phone to make sure we were still connected. After a few minutes a quiet voice said “wow”. I immediately told him I wasn’t trying to hurt his feelings or insult him. CG said “I know. You were just being honest.”

CG’s next comment surprised me. He told me that I was right. He was surprised at how accurately I described him since we’d never met in person. Then he told me that he was a pretty fucked up and depressed sack of shit. I quickly chimed in that I had never called him that. CG laughed a bitter laugh and said no but that it was true nonetheless. Then he thanked me for being honest even though the truth hurt. I stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. Then CG said, “This is too depressing. I want to get off tonight. How about you make me suck off a shemale?”

I followed his suggestion and immediately jumped into the fantasy. He came, thanked me for the call and hung up. He’s never asked me “what I really think about him” again.

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