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January 3rd, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: Being Too Honest

Mouth of Truth

A PSO friend called me one day with a referral. She had a client who had tried several different ladies, and as it turned out several services, with bad results. After he started a call Disappointed Client complained about the lady and asked to be passed on to someone else. From what I gathered there was a chain of us passing this guy along to each other. Now it was my turn.

I asked what his problem was. My friend said DC made a big deal about having total honesty.

Total honesty? No client wants total honesty. The whole point in calling a phone sex operator is to have your fantasy acted out. Some clients want you to pretend to be turned on but I believe that’s just part of the acting. I strongly suspected DC had a fantasy of failure. He would find a new girl, uncover a perceived flaw and then “toss” her away-fulfilling some sort of belief that no woman was good enough. But I wanted to stay open minded. Maybe my theory was dead wrong. Sometimes a client and I just don’t click. Maybe DC just had a string of bad PSO matches.

At first I let DC talk for a long time while I remained quiet. He needed to vent about his past calls. I said “hmm” and “yes” in all the appropriate places while he went on and on about how dishonest all the other girls were, including my friend. Over and over again he kept saying no one was ever honest with him.

Then he changed course and asked what I was wearing. During his anti-PSO tirade I chose my tactic. He wanted honesty? I’d give him complete, 100% honesty. I told him that I was PMSing and bloated so I had on a tie-dyed long sleeve shirt and some cotton yoga pants. DC was thrilled. “Yes! See you get it. I don’t want you to say you’re wearing lingerie. I want to know what you really have on.”

I wasn’t convinced his happiness would last and figured it wouldn’t be long before he found fault with me. DC asked about my fantasies and fetishes. I told him I was into spanking. His former enthusiasm started to wane. “But I don’t like spanking” he whined. At this point I was feeling annoyed. You can’t ask for honesty and then complain about the honest answer! I purred back, “But DC you wanted me to be completely honest with you. I could pretend that I only fantasize about threesomes, that’s a popular request.” I put a little girl giggle at the end-a nice combo of bitchiness and sweetness.

DC agreed that honesty was what he wanted. He switched back to his fantasies but quickly went back to his PSO complaints. Why would he pay for a call only to complain about past calls? It didn’t really matter-I mostly to rest my voice and concentrate on my knitting.

He seemed to like abruptly changing course. After a long string of complaints he asked “How about you get undressed now and masturbate for me?”

If I could have figured out DC’s taste I could have fake masturbated and fake cummed for him. But my PSO sense told me it was the masturbation part of the call where most ladies failed. Fake cumming is both easy and difficult. Easy because moaning takes minimumal effort but hard because you have to “cum” in a way that suits your clients tastes.

DC didn’t give any hints to his tastes. Some clients are guarded about their real desires and we PSOs have to play psychic to uncover them. But I didn’t detect any clues.

Having no idea what he wanted I decided to stick with my original plan-complete honesty. “No, I don’t feel like masturbating right now,” I told him.

DC asked why not. I told him I was knitting a sock and that I was in the middle of turning the heel. This required concentration and I didn’t want to put down my knitting to masturbate. There was a long silence. Did I really just say that to a client? I had to stifle laughter.

“Well, what if I try to turn you on?” DC asked. I told him to go for it and kept knitting. Ignoring everything I had told him about what turned me on DC went into a sexual fantasy that sounded like the plot of a generic porno.

“How about now? Are you ready to masturbate?” DC asked.

Maybe it was his tone that inspired my cruel honesty. Or maybe it was his generic fantasy. More likely it was his PSO bashing and history of bad calls. “Sorry, that doesn’t turn me on. My sock is still much more exciting.”

Now DC got pissy. He complained that I wasn’t turned on and playing with myself. I countered his complaints with his original request. “DC, you wanted me to be totally honest with you. I could tell you I was turned on and fingering myself but then I’d be lying. Don’t you want me to tell you the truth?”

We went back and forth like this for awhile. The more pissy he got the more sickening sweet my voice got. I was finding the whole thing extremely funny. He finally ended the call and told me that he was going to find a PSO that was interested in cumming that day. I sweetly suggested that maybe he didn’t want complete honesty and maybe he just wanted to hear a woman moan. He ignored my comment, thanked me for being honest and then hung up.

That was my one and only call with DC. Another PSO friend did a call with DC and tried fake masturbating for him. Not surprisingly, he was also disappointed in her and asked her to recommend someone else. I doubt he’ll ever get the honest and satisfying call he’s looking for.

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10 Responses to “Sex Work And Honesty: Being Too Honest”

  1. Nico says:

    Hilarious. Thanks for writing this.

  2. whatsername says:

    My god if he wants to make people cum maybe he should become the PSO!

  3. Entelle says:

    That was awesome. “No, this sock is much more interesting.” I like hearing the tales from someone in a different part of sex work. And total honesty? It’s true, most guys who ask for total honesty want nothing of the sort.

  4. O says:

    Fascinating. Clearly his concept of honesty means something like: ‘tell the truth when I find it comfortable for you to do so, and I demand that you intuit what I want and acquiesce to it at all other times.’

    Hmmmm. Not sure that he’s the only guy who thinks that way.

    Cynically yrs,

  5. sxychikadee says:

    HA! Sounds just like a whole lot of straight men in my life. They only want the truth as long as it satisfies their definition of truth.
    Great post.

  6. Sabrina Morgan says:

    Oh, I love those “total honesty” guys. They never do believe you when your truth isn’t the one they expect.

    Those guys get mad at me and accuse me of lying for wearing skirts (gods, I do cam, I wear skirts) and try to tell me that I’m “really” wearing boxer shorts. That would be dead on if I was still in my butch lesbian phase but I’m not in college anymore. And of course nobody really has any real D/s experience.

    It’s just like any other call - they still want to hear what they want to hear - except that if you don’t guess right, instead of redirecting the call, they get angry and accuse you of lying.

    Your account cracked me up though - loved the lines about your sock! I had a guy like that 2 nights ago and my version of honesty was to remind him that he was closing in on 40. Oh he loved that.

  7. Cc says:

    As a knitter, I found it hilarious that you told him about turning the heel. It’s terribly fascinating to watch and to knit, I will admit.

    How would *anyone* fulfill his “be honest but do what I tell you you should do/feel how I tell you you should feel” schtick? And if he can’t do that with a PSO, how could he ever function with a female human being out in the world? Geez.

  8. Calico says:

    I’m rolling on the floor laughing here.

    Your other commenters have nailed it. We’ve all met this guy.

    I also like the ones who correct your honest answers:
    “Where are you from? Be honest now.”
    “I’m from $place”
    “No you’re not. Where are you really from?”
    “$Place, really.”
    “You’re totally lying. Do you go to school?”
    “Yes, I do.”
    “No you don’t. What do you really do?”
    and so on.

    I’ve never been so bitchy with a client, mostly because an in-person confrontation can escalate easily to nasty, and it’s easier to just walk away. Oh, I wish I could! I bet it would be really refreshing. :)

  9. Vixen says:

    Thanks everybody! I totally loved the comments on this post.

  10. elmathelas says:

    Hillarious. I’m totally showing this to my partner, who is an avid sock knitter. We’ve totally had the “hey, want to go upstairs?” “um, after I finish turning this heel” conversation. It seems a reasonable reason to put off sex to me. And after all, I live with her, I can wait until she’s done with the sock, which I will be the likely recipient of.

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