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November 1st, 2009

Hot Mormon Muffins

Hot Mormon Muffins

From Digital Journal:
Sexy Mormon Moms’ Calendar Stirs Controversy
“A calendar featuring sexy photos of scantily clad Mormon moms is causing controversy within the Church and across the country.

The calendar was produced by Chad Hardy. In many ways Hardy was a typical Mormon


Not to be denied Hardy responded with two calendars for 2010 that have just been released. One is a new edition of ‘Men on a Mission.’ The second, entitled, ‘Hot Mormon Muffins’ features scantily clad Mormon Moms in sexy pinup-style poses. Each calendar girl is accompanied by a muffin recipe.”

I’ve blogged before about Hardy’s calendar here and here.

Hardy also donates some of the calendar proceeds to charity. “The Hot Mormon Muffins calendar will benefit breast cancer research. This was inspired by Yayoi (Ms. August) who survived breast cancer and the memory of Lynda’s (Ms. June) sister, whose life was cut short by breast cancer.”

The Men on a Mission calendar is available for 2010 and also donates to charity:

“Men on a Mission donates a portion of the proceeds from each calendar sold directly to charity. In fact, each of the twelve men featured in the calendar has been given the opportunity to personally select the charity of their choice — seen by most as a chance to continue to serve the area where they served their missions. You can read about the charities they selected on their bios on the Meet the Missionaries page.”

Is Mormon MILFS going to become the next porn craze? I particularly love that the calendar comes with muffin recipe. Sexy and practical-I dig it.

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