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November 15th, 2009

Republican With Ties To McCain’s Presidential Campaign Convicted

Jeffrey Claude Bartleson

From the Pueblo Chieftain:
Man sentenced for sexually assaulting boys
“A prominent scoutmaster, mentor, foster parent, Republican Party consultant, church and youth supporter admitted to misusing his prominence Wednesday in district court.

Jeffery Claude Bartleson, 53, told the court he used his positions of trust to lure and molest juvenile boys.

“All the things he’s done to be a leader, a mentor, he’s taken that trust and violated that trust. He used mentoring in the church as a way of getting to my son,” the mother of one of Bartleson’s victims told the court Wednesday.

As part of a plea agreement, Bartleson pleaded guilty to four of the original five counts of sexual assault on a child.


Pueblo District Judge David Crockenberg sentenced Bartleson to six years to life in the Colorado Department of Corrections.”

The Chieftain merely says Bartleson was a “Republican Party consultant”. But back when he was arrested there were some more details. Bartleson was the “manager for Sen. John McCain’s presidential-campaign office in Pueblo” Colorado. That little nugget seemed to drop off the radar pretty quickly with this story. Since the McCain/Palin ticket put on such a show of family values I think this information is quite relevant.

Also missing from the new story is the victim’s age. The Denver Post article reported one of the boys was five.

I originally blogged about Bartleson here.

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