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October 23rd, 2010

Kink Academy

Kink Academy

During my NYC visit Kink Academy held an open house at the same bar where the Sex Blogger Calendar party was hosted. I had heard about them but hadn’t checked them out much beforehand. This is a paid site and costs $9.95 a month. They have some free videos here.

The open house turned out to be a lot of fun. There were several presentations from some of their faculty. I arrived a bit late but still saw several presentations

The rough play was good and informative but I forgot to write down who did it. Argh!
Megan Andelloux talked about speculums
Her talk was very informative. I learned a lot about speculums and pelvic exams.
Professor Oni on the power of asking “why”
His presentation gave me a lot of insight. I’m asking “why” more on my PSO calls.
Latex and breath play-forgot who did this one too. Argh again.
Neither of these are my personal kink but it was still an interesting talk.
Graydancer did a “Tie ‘em up and fuck ‘em” rope demo
This was a fun and useful one. Graydancer is a great speaker-he really had the crowd engaged.

From their About Us page:
“The Kink Academy provides authentic and straight-forward sexuality instruction for curious adults. The consenting (and adventurous) individual or couple who is looking to take their sexual knowledge further, to explore their own fantasies, and to learn from experts who are passionate about helping you to improve your sex life!”

Two sissy maids and one sissy cheerleader were in attendance. I ordered drinks from one which was great because I didn’t have to wait and could get to the demos in back. The open house also served mini cupcakes-ZOMG! My favorite was the peanut butter and jelly one. I didn’t think it would be good but the cheerleader recommended it. And oh was it delicious.

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