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August 22nd, 2011

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

From The Star:
Prostitute turned Osgoode law student found dead
“Babcock was, of course, anything but normal: A homeless teenage prostitute who became a prominent activist and then a student at York University’s prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School.


She was found dead in her home on Tuesday. She was 32.

A police spokesperson said there were no signs of foul play. Babcock had attempted suicide on several prior occasions, and she struggled with mental health issues even as her difficult life appeared to be improving.”

What an inspiring activist and what a sad, sad ending. Thank you to reader Nanette for sending in this story.

From Huffington Post:
Cuba Transgender Wedding: Ignacio Estrada, Wendy Iriepa Wed In Country’s First-Of-Its-Kind Ceremony
“A gay man and a woman whose sex-change operation was paid for by the state tied the knot Saturday in a first-of-its-kind wedding for Cuba, a sign of how much the country’s attitude toward sexuality has changed since gays and transsexuals suffered persecution in the early years after the revolution.


Iriepa had sex-change surgery in 2007 as part of a pilot program that began in earnest the following year and made gender-reassignment procedures part of the island’s universal health care system. One other transgender woman married many years ago, but Iriepa is the first to do so under the new policy.”

Can you imagine if the US health care plan paid for people’s sex changes? How progressive would that be? Go Cuba! Thanks to reader M for sending in this tip.

From KOB:
Officials report APD officer made inappropriate contact with an escort
“Albuquerque Police Department have just released information concerning a uniformed field services officer with the department and inappropriate contact with an escort in reference to helping her with pending charges on an on-going criminal case.

According to officials, members of the APD Vice Unit conducted an undercover operation on Wednesday where the officer made contact with a decoy escort working with Albuquerque police.

According to a criminal complaint, 15-year APD veteran Matthew Kindle arranged to have a former female APD informant who had moved to Oregon travel back to Albuquerque to see him. Kindle told the her he was going to help her out with charges pending against her.”

I’ve heard stories of police blackmailing escorts in this fashion. This offer’s arrest is certainly interesting in light of the recent prostitution bust in Albuquerque. Thanks to reader T for sending in this tip.

This Sex News Roundup was all reader submissions which I always appreciate. If you’d like to send me news links you can email me at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom

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