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January 27th, 2012

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

This first one isn’t breaking news but it’s new to me. I saw this posted over on FetLife:
Turn Off The Blue Light
“The Turn Off the Blue Light poster campaign has been designed to challenge the Irish public’s perception of sex workers, to get away from the overly negative or positive images of sex work that are so often seen, and instead show a more balanced, realistic view.”

What a great idea! I too “choose the job that suits my needs”-sex work supports my artistic hippie lifestyle.

From AVN:
Buck Angel Asks Fans To Buy Girl Scout Cookies
“A YouTube video featuring the ruggedly handsome Buck Angel asking fans and the general population to forgo a boycott of Girl Scout cookies called for by a young girl.

The original YouTube video, which is no longer available, the girl asked people to boycott the Girl Scouts and the organization’s annual cookie sale after the group allowed a 7-year-old transgender girl to join a troop in Colorado.

Angel, a female to male transgender and former Girl Scout, recently posted his own YouTube video, and his response is gaining quite a bit of mainstream attention. News outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post have reported on the debate the original video sparked, as well as publishing Angel’s video.”

Buck’s video is here. Go Buck go! And the Girls Scouts too-very open minded of them.

From the Free Speech Coalition:
LA City Council Approves Condom Ordinance in 9-1 Vote
“The LA City Council voted this morning, in open session, to approve a mandatory condom ordinance that would require adult productions to comply with condom usage on any adult set requiring a film permit in the Los Angeles City limits. The ordinance was approved 9-1.”


Weinstein’s grandstanding on the condom issue is groundless – using provocative language like “epidemic” and quoting statistics that have proven to be inaccurate – Weinstein has politicized the issue of mandatory condom use while alienating the industry he claims to protect. He also has suggested that the City Council add an $85 fee to film permits for adult productions, in order to fund enforcement.”

I think this is more about the morality police trying to shut down pornography films rather than trying to protect performers.

Stanley Siegel sent me his article via Twitter. I always appreciate readers that send in tips!
Curing Pornophobia
“The great majority of us watch pornography. Nearly 87 percent of men and 76 percent of women reportedly visit adult entertainment sites. In fact, pornography drives the economy of the Internet and our appetite for it has led to Internet innovation.


If we learn to identify and understand our fantasies, we can use them to create sexual experiences that are more aligned with our true desires by intentionally choosing partners with whom we are sexually compatible. If we can even go a step further, by decoding what they say about our past, we can use that knowledge to heal the conflicts that originally gave rise to them. Understanding our sexual fantasies is a key to understanding who we are.”

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