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August 4th, 2006

Fetish Fridays: Smoking Fetish

Raven haired beauty smoking

From Wikipedia:
“Smoking fetishism (capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish (paraphilia), consisting of the fetishisation of the smoking of tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes or even ash trays. It is thought that most smoking fetishists are heterosexual men, though there are also groups of homosexual and bisexual men and women who have expressed similar interests in the fetish.

Among heterosexual men, the fetish is often associated with oral fixations and fellatio (see oral sex).”

In my first years as a pso I had my share of phone blunders. One moment involved a man with a smoking fetish. He called me and at first would only share that he wanted to be dominated. Vague men are always a frustration. I’d pick a man with a highly detailed fantasy any day; they’re much easier call to do.

The vague man and I began our call. The more I talked the more he opened up about his interests. Soon he wanted me to be the stern aunt who spanked him. He had been caught going threw my panty drawer and this wasn’t the first time I had caught him being naughty.

Spanking calls are some of my favorite calls to do. I felt comfortable with the scene and jumped into the role. The fantasy was moving along well when he suddenly asks me if I smoke.

I don’t smoke. Years ago I tried a cigarette to see what it was like but I’ve never wanted to smoke. Growing up I watched my mother chain smoke. I saw how the addiction affected her health and the pains she took every time she tried to quit. Because of her I’ve never become a smoker thankfully.

Not thinking about his question I told him I didn’t smoke. “Yes, you do,” he told me. “You smoke Virginia Slims Auntie.” Mean Auntie had to be a smoker now. Not wanting to spoil the good rapport I played along.

So I faked it. It must have been quite the sight, me sucking on a pen cap and blowing out in exaggerated puffs to imitate a smoker. I felt ridiculous.

If I could have kept up this act there wouldn’t have been a problem. But in future calls this man wanted me to tell him about my smoking. In hindsight I should have reminded him I wasn’t a smoker. Did I? No, I thought I could fake it again. I had faked it in the fantasy right?

Problem was he knew about the idiosyncrasies of smoking and I didn’t. He quizzed me about when I started smoking, what kind of cigarettes I smoked, what kind of lighter I had, the type of ashtray I used. I was in over my head and knew it.

Thankfully he didn’t call out my blunder. He shifted back to a mean Auntie spanking him. This time Auntie didn’t smoke. I tried to recover but smoking is his fetish-the call felt flat without it. He’s occasionally called me since but every time he’s forgotten I’m a nonsmoker. I tried faking it once more but again it was obvious.

Now when a client asks if I smoke I tell them no and refer them to another pso who does. If it comes up mid fantasy I may incorporate smoking into the scene but otherwise it’s best to admit I don’t smoke as soon as I’m asked.

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