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December 2nd, 2006

Google Censors Porn?

Google Censors Porn

Like many of you I use Google on a daily basis. That’s why I was disturbed to read that Google had changed its’ algorithm and knocked many adult sites out of their top rankings. What does this mean?

Say you want to buy a vibrator. Before I would type in “vibrator” and expect Google to show me adult stores that sold the item. I just typed in “vibrator” now and got Wikipedia’s entry on it. As thrilling as this might be to read it does not take me to a store.

How does this effect others? Babeland isn’t happy:
Google Delivers Lump of Coal to Babeland

Neither is Sam Sugar:
Welcome to Googlestan! Google Purges Adult Content from Search Results

But what if you’re an average Joe just looking for porn? Do you really want to read about the history of threesomes or do you want to see some hot pictures and videos?

SEOBlackHat gives a good summary of the situation:
Dude, Where’s My Porn?

One of my favorite bloggers Susie Bright shares her views:
Babe, Where’s My Porn?

So what can we smut lovers do? This is a time for bloggers to unite and write about this. Share your thoughts, link to other articles and put good keywords in your post. Phrases like “Google censors porn, are they the next big brother” will be picked up by the Google bot when it comes sniffing through your site. And be sure to label your images. The picture above is labeled “Google censors porn”. A lot of people find my blog through my images because I always tag them. I encourage you to do the same.

If Google does not fix this we will have to search elsewhere. Have any tips on places to search for porn? Please send me an email and I’ll share your tip with my readers.

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