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December 29th, 2006

Fetish Fridays: Furries


Furries is an interesting fetish because it is so unique. It is one of the fetishes I have never talked about on a call.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Transformation

Furries, also known as anthros (short for anthropomorphic animals), are usually depicted as half-human, half-animal hybrids, with the appealing characteristics of both highlighted. Furries are usually bipedal and have the ability to walk, talk, think, and essentially do anything like a human. Many in the TF community, even those with an interest in TFs other than animal, adopt a made-up identity as a furry, known as a fursona. Like the TF community, not all Furries are involved with the fetish aspects of anthropomorphic media. There are some large differences between the communities, and a great number of furries do not consider themselves part of the TF community. However, the overlap is broad enough to warrant mention on this page. For more on this distinction, see Yiff: Debates and Sex and furry fandom.”

The LA Alternative Press has an older article about Furries that I think is worth a read:
My Life As a Furry

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