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December 7th, 2006

Grave Digging For Sex Update

Back in September I blogged about three men in Wisconsin who got arrested for trying to dig up a corpse for sex. Tonight I report on an update in the case.

Corpse sex charges dropped

“The three young men who were arrested on September 2 for allegedly trying to dig up a grave in order to have sex with the corpse have had sexual assault charges against them thrown out by a judge in Wisconsin – because there’s no law against necrophilia there.


Circuit Judge George Curry dismissed the sexual assault charges on Friday, noting that there was no law that addressed necrophilia. However, there was enough evidence to continue the case based on criminal damage to property and the alleged attempt to break into a burial vault.

There is no federal law across the US which outlaws necrophilia, although some states have their own laws prohibiting it. “

Posted by Vixen as News at 11:40 PM CST