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September 15th, 2007

Sex Workers Live Blogging Action

Bound Not Gagged

From the $pread Blog:
Sex Workers: Call to e-Action!

Who: Desiree Alliance and Friends

What: Live-blog response to Farley

When: September 17, 2007 Beginning at 3pm PST 6pm EST and going all night


Why: The mainstream media (msm) buys Farley’s point of view without any care or concern for those who actually work in the sex industry. BNG is where sex workers go to respond to the media blackout that distorts and ignores our voices. We will put an end to Farley’s lies!

Are you tired of ‘researchers’ like Melissa Farley using lies and manipulation to demon-ize your work? Are you sick of reading article after article written by journalists who go for all of her sensation without digging deeper for the REAL stories of people working in the sex industry?

Now is your chance to speak out! is hosting a live- blog event Monday, September 17th, 2007. Articles and blogs about Farley’s recent visit to Las Vegas will be linked to the blog. These links are also available below. This blog event is an opportunity for sex workers and our allies to respond to the lies and hypocrisy that have dominated this debate!

Please take a few moments this weekend to prepare a post that you can put up on the blog, respond to other posts and make comments out in the public arenas. All sex worker comments and stories are welcome! Some angles that would be especially helpful are: critiques of Farley’s research from experts (however one defines oneself as so,) stories from workers who have participated in Farley’s research, stories of Farley’s abuse and manipulation of international allies when researching in other countries, summaries and links to credible research, experiences from workers in Nevada, community-based peer research experiences, etc.

More information and how to RSVP can be found here.

I’d also like to send out a thanks to Bound, Not Gagged for mentioning my Palfrey Interview.

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