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September 11th, 2007

Sex Work And Religion: The Violent Priest

Saint Mary Magdalen

A few years ago I had a new caller ask if I was ok with blasphemous religious role play that was. Intrigued I said yes. He wanted me to play a nun to his priest. We were to seduce one of the young ladies in the church’s choir. I’ll nickname him Priest Client.

I think nun fantasies are pretty hot so naturally thought this would be a fun call. And it was at first. The girl we were seducing was back from her freshman year at college. As her priest PC was concerned she had sinned while away at the non-secular college by having premarital sex. He wanted to interrogate her and test her purity. Once we found out she wasn’t a virgin we could cleanse her by fucking her on the church altar. Our juices would be the sacred elixir to purify her for God.

We took our captive down to the church basement. We stripped her, spanked her, face slapped her and questioned her about her impurities. Sounds fun right? But things soon took a turn for the worse. PC told me to open the basement furnace and place the poker into the fire until it glowed red. Sensing what was going to happen I tensed up.

“Now can you scream?” he asked.

“I guess so. Why?”

PC wanted me to play the part of the nun and the slut. I was to take the hot poker from the furnace and fuck the chick with it. Inwardly I cringed. Even though it was just a fantasy this was past my comfort zone.

“And I really want you to scream. Could you do a practice one?” PC wanted to make sure my screams would be loud enough.

I tried a little scream. Admittedly it was half-hearted. My attempt disappointed him. PC had a tape of another phone session that he played. The PSO was screaming like crazy for him. I felt a little sorry for her-her throat must have been raw by the end of the call. I wasn’t willing to scream like that. Why hurt my voice for one call? I wouldn’t be able to do more calls afterwards because my throat would be exhausted. If he became a regular that would be worse because I’d regularly turn down calls after talking to him. I told PC I couldn’t scream like that. He was again disappointed but wanted to keep talking.

He turned his attention back to the fucking of our captive with the hot poker. I realized his fantasy was getting worse and started contemplating how to back out of the call. My nerves tensed; this was seriously squicking me out. The way PC described her agony made my stomach turn. He jerked off while quoting Bible passages. I don’t remember which ones but they were somehow related to the fantasy. It was just a fantasy but I couldn’t do it anymore. The religious themes didn’t bother me at all but the violence was too much. I had to end the call somehow.

Thankfully our time was up before he could go into even more violent detail. I think he sensed I was freaked out and rushed off the phone. I told myself I’d turn down any future calls with him but PC never called back. Perhaps he found another PSO willing to indulge him.

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