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September 28th, 2007

Fetish Fridays: Pony Play

JT Stockroom's pony play mask

From Deviant Desires:
(note: when you click on the Deviant Desires link it takes you to their site map, click on “Pony Play”)
“Ponygirls and ponyboys may act as show ponies, cart ponies or riding ponies. Show ponies receive gait training, where they attempt to imitate the canter, trot or run of a “real” show horse.”


“Although some human ponies enjoy being whipped and beaten, most prefer a more loving, affectionate relationship. As one ponygirl puts it, “I wouldn’t beat my own horses, so why should I be beaten? I am a proud and beautiful animal!” Some ponyboys and girls thrill to positive reinforcement and firm leadership rather than punishment, and may select favorite treats such as sugar cubes and carrot sticks.”

Through the years I’ve gotten a handful of pony play calls. I know a bit about the BDSM world of pony play. The calls I get about ponies don’t really resemble it. I get the sissy ponies. My readers that were children of the ’80s probably remember My Little Pony. (I had a lot of those ponies and loved them.) Playing with sissy ponies is very similar to how I played with My Little Ponies as a girl.

I do up their hair with ribbons and bows. Sometimes we dye the hair to look more feminine. We go to the pony salon (See, Erectionland accommodates everyone!) to get his hooves painted, usually with glitter nail polish. We redesign the stable in soft pastel colors to make it tailored for a girly horse.

We have special pony tea parties where other Mistresses join us with their sissy ponies. Inevitably we mistresses decide that the sissy ponies need to put on a little show for us. We get a male slave to join us. He’s dressed up as a male horse stud and fucks all the sissy ponies for our pleasure. The mistresses get so turned on that we grab the pony harnesses to force the sissy ponies to worship our pussies after the pony orgy. Sissies and pony sissies tend to be enjoyable calls because the clients treat it as “fun time”.

The mass orgy of course never happened when I played with My Little Ponies. My Barbie’s though got pretty kinky as I wrote about in this post.

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