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October 4th, 2007

Sex Work And Religion: The Sex Crazed Pagan Cult Fantasy

Saint Mary Magdalen
When I started working the phone I never guessed that my religion would play a part in a fantasy. But many callers are fascinated that I’m Pagan. It’s as if being Pagan makes me more exotic. I can see their point of view. If someone has only grown up with mainstream religions, Paganism can seem pretty out there. I grew up in a small, very conservative, Christian town where many thought Mormons were “suspicious” and Buddhists were thought to be Satanic. I’m opposed to preaching my religion but don’t mind if people ask me questions during a call. I’ve done several sessions where I explain the basics of Paganism. But the more popular Pagan call is the Pagan Cult call.

It was my clients questions about my religion that inspired me to create one of my favorite call scenarios. I created a fantasy I call the Sex Crazed Pagan Cult Fantasy. In it I lead a cult of women in a ritual that revolves around my caller. I have a general scenario that can be tailored to the guy’s kink.

The women of the cult are all beautiful goddesses. Our kinky cravings drives us to find new sex slaves. Sometimes the men come to us willingly but often we kidnap him. Many of my callers fantasize about me kidnapping them, forcing them to break from their normal 9-5, married, 2.5 children, house in the suburbs routine.

After we have our captive we take him deep into a forest. If the client lives in a big city I go into great detail about the remoteness of the location. While I love being so deep in the woods I can’t see a road or hear any other humans, I’ve found many urban dwellers find this scenario scary. The setting makes the client feel vulnerable and completely dependent on me to get him out unharmed.

If he doesn’t do what we want we’ll abandon him to the wild. I make my captive strip down in front of the group. Naked and trembling he looks to me for further orders. At this point the fantasy branches off to fit the client’s particular kink.

Sometimes we tie him naked to a tree and begin whipping him. We list off his errors and promise that he’ll pay for his bad behavior. Each one of the coven members takes a turn at beating the captive. In these scenarios I like to end the beating with a birching to keep with the nature theme.

If it’s a forced bisexuality call the other coven members are Mistresses as well. They have all brought a male slave who is handsome, horny and well hung. I am bringing the caller into the coven as my new slave. The ritual is his initiation into our group. We arrange the male slaves in a circle. He is made to suck every cock but not allowed to make them cum. After the round of blowjobs comes the forced fucking. One by one each slave fucks and cums in his ass. When the last slave has shot his load my new slave is laid down. He is made to squeeze his ass, milking the cum from it into a goblet. We chant words of encouragement “cum slave, cum slave” as he drinks every last drop of cum. This last act seals him as a permanent sex slave to the group and usually makes the caller cum if he hasn’t already.

For golden shower calls I make the captive crawl to each woman. He kneels before her and begs/prays for her piss. The women shower him with their sacred pee. The holy urine cleanses him and he can join the cult as our sacred toilet.

This fantasy is so wonderful because it is so adaptable. I’ve incorporated all sorts of kinks-bondage, piercings, tattoos, brandings, humiliation, shaving. There’s a dangerous sexy vibe around cults. Lots of my callers really get turned on by The Sex Crazed Pagan Cult Fantasy. I’ve been interested in cults for years. I find them fascinating so these calls are really fun for me as well.

But sometimes I worry: Am I exploiting my religion? Am I perpetuating stereotypes by doing this type of call? I don’t think so. Certainly people can do research to find what Paganism is really about. And it would be naive in the extreme to think that all Pagans were secretly sex crazed kidnappers ready to snatch unsuspecting men out of cities to sacrifice them to some God of Lust. And just being a friendly, non-threatening Pagan breaks down stereotypes even if the fantasy perpetuates them. Right?

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