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October 14th, 2007

Sex Work And Religion: Crucifixion

Saint Mary Magdalen
This spring I got a call from a new guy. I’ll call him Crucifixion Client. Our beginning get to know each other conversation was stagnant. Sensing he was uncomfortable, I wrapped up the small talk and asked about his fantasy. (Beginning of the call chit chat usually takes about 5 min.) He said he needed to be punished. “Punished for what?” I asked.

CC told me he needed to be punished for looking at porn. Guessing the scenario I started a fantasy. I went into how I caught him looking at a porno mag while touching himself. CC interjected, saying he wanted to skip to the punishment. An essential skill in pso work is being flexible. He wanted to change directions so we did. I guessed he wanted a spanking and talked about putting him over my knee.

But I was wrong again. CC asked if three men could kidnap him and take him to a factory. Not knowing where this was going I said sure. He said “They take me there and torture me for looking at porn.”

Now when most men say they want to be tortured it usually means a heavy spanking or whipping. Very few callers want me to actually describe torture. CC was one of those callers. I talked about the three men whipping him. He wanted them to beat him with chains.

I started feeling uncomfortable. I don’t like heavy torture calls. They sort of squick me out. But ironically I’m really good at them. Mr. Radical and I are DIY types and we have a lot of tools. I never would have guessed that my ability to operate power tools would benefit my pso work. But oh how it does! During torture calls I run through the tools we own. Drills, our circular saw and-my meanest tool-the sawzall. Torture guys go crazy when they realize that I not only know what a sawzall is but know how to use one.

CC loved hearing about various tortures that involved my tools. He loved it and kept adding even more painful scenes. It was an unsettling conversation. I kept myself zenned out by knitting. Happy little stitches kept me calm and relaxed while I described scenes of intense pain.

He started to open up more. He suggested more implements that could be used on him. As I went into detail he would moan. Then he started saying he needed to be tortured over and over as if it were a chant.

CC wanted the three men to crucify him. He wanted to be nailed to a cross and be left to dangle. He wanted to be poked with a spear, “just like Jesus”. Except he wanted multiple pokes delivered all over his body. While we talked about the crucifixion scene he kept repeating that he needed to be punished for looking at porn. It was wrong for him to like porn. He swore he would never look at porn again. He was sorry he looked at porn.

During the crucifixion scene his apologies intensified until he came. Through the years I’ve heard a lot of men cum. As I wrote in my blog post The Sounds of Cumming- “I hear a lot of guys cum. Over the years I’ve noticed how certain types of people tend to cum in similar ways.” Repressed men make a type of cumming noise that sounds like it hurts. It’s a cross between a moan of pleasure and a moan of pain. The orgasm sounds like it is breaking out of them if that makes sense. I fancy that it’s because they bury their desires and fantasies so deep within themselves that the orgasm is in a real sense breaking out of them.

After cumming CC rushed off the phone. This is also typical of repressed men. They are often quiet and unresponsive at the beginning of a call. I think it’s nerves. They pushed down their desires so much that it’s hard to voice them even when they want to do so. During the fantasy they typically become animated and participate fully in the call. But once they come the guilt returns. They need to distance themselves from the fantasy and from me. After a repressed man cums he’s usually off the phone in less than 30 seconds. CC was off the call in less than 15.

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