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May 4th, 2008

Sex News Round Up

Sex News Round Up

From Xbiz:
Dupre Seeks $10M, Forfeit of GGW Websites
“The $10 million lawsuit filed Monday against Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, his company and a man purportedly involved in creation of two websites contends that Ashley Dupre was underage at the time she signed a contract.

Dupre is the call girl linked to the downfall of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Entertainment attorney Richard C. Wolfe claims in the suit that Dupre was 17, intoxicated and thus not legally competent to enter into a contract when she was cherry-picked by Girls Gone Wild execs at Miami Beach’s Chesterfield Hotel.”

I wonder how this will turn out. Personally, I’m hoping she gets a juicy book deal.

From the BBC:
Austrian ‘hid daughter in cellar’
“A 73-year-old Austrian is under arrest on suspicion of hiding his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathering seven children with her, police say.

The existence of the woman, believed missing since 1984 and now 42, emerged after a teenager said to be her daughter was taken to hospital.”

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the secret lair, kidnapped daughter and incest grandchildren in Austria. But there are two more stories I want to include here.

Also from the BBC:
‘Second man’ at Austrian cellar
“A lodger at the Austrian house where a father allegedly imprisoned and abused his daughter says he saw another man go to the cellar where the abuse happened.”


“Mr Dubanovsky, rented a room in the Fritzl house for 12 years.

He and other lodgers were forbidden to go down to the cellar under threat of eviction, he told the BBC. ”


“However, officials believe that no-one was aware of the existence of the purpose-built dungeon, citing DNA tests.

“I think we can rule out accomplices,” Leopold Etz, chief of homicide investigations for Lower Austria province, told the Associated Press.”

From ABC News:
Incest Dad Left Children to Go on Vacation
“While crime scene investigators are continuing their inquiries, more details about the man who held his daughter and children captive in Austria are coming to light.

Most upsetting to many Austrians may be a home video obtained by German TV station n-tv.

It shows the man who confessed to imprisoning, raping and impregnating his daughter, Elisabeth, for 24 years on a “boys holiday” in Thailand in 1998, as she and her children suffered in a secret dungeon in the family home thousands of miles away.”

This story is so crazy that when I first heard about it I thought it was the plot of a book rather than real life. The situation is just so fucked up I don’t know what to write about it.

From Prison Planet:
Overwhelming Evidence Points To Murder Of DC Madam
“Evidence is stacking up to suggest that the alleged “suicide” of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey was in fact a calculated murder, as the manager of Palfrey’s Florida Condo reveals that Palfrey was not suicidal when he spoke to her Monday and told him of her fears about a contract being out on her life.

The new testimony is backed up by at least four other recorded public statements on behalf of Palfrey attesting to the fact that she would never commit suicide and if she was found dead to immediately suspect murder. ”


“Though never confirmed directly, Palfrey strongly insinuated that both Dick Cheney and John McCain were possibly involved in the DC Madam scandal, and this could have been one of the primary reasons why she was murdered.”

So on Monday Jeane Palfrey seems fine and yet by Thursday she kills herself? Her death is just too convenient. She knew that some very powerful politicians were clients of her business. She likely had the power to ruin quite a number of careers. With her “suicide” this knowledge apparently dies with her. Definitely suspicious.

The speculation over McCain being a client I find especially interesting.

Lina from Uncool did a great blog post listing different bloggers coverage of Palfrey’s death. You can read that here.

From DNA India:
Sex workers seek recognition on Labour Day
“Over 3,500 sex workers took out a candle-light rally shortly after midnight to press for their rights and social recognition as labourers on the occasion of Labour Day on Thursday.

“We took out the rally from Sonagachi area (Kolkata’s largest red-light district), and finally converged at College Square at around 2 am on Thursday.

“We held this rally in demand of our social rights as sex workers,” Bharati Dey of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), an NGO working for sex workers’ rights said.”

Yay, a rally for sex worker rights. It’s good to have some uplifting sex worker news after this week.

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