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May 16th, 2008

Fetish Fridays: Sploshing Revisited

Sploshing fetish

The first entry for my Fetish Fridays series was on sploshing. In my six years working the phones I’d never done a sploshing call. Last month this changed.

The call started out typically enough. At first Splosher Guy was a crossdrosser wanting to be turned into a cocksucking slut. We went into a fantasy where he was sucking off a group of black studs. In the middle of this he said a line that took me by surprise:

“So, you wanna pie me?”

I was positive I heard him wrong and asked him to repeat himself. He asked the question again. “Pie you?” I asked back not sure where this was going.

“Yeah, pie me. Like throw a cherry pie on my crotch.”

In a flash of insight I realized I had a sploshing call. I almost squealed with delight. Sploshing seems like one of those elusive fetishes that you don’t hear much about. I wanted to share my excitement over doing a new fetish but controlled the urge. If I let on my excitement over doing something new I probably would have weirded him out.

Instead I played it cool. I described throwing the cherry pie in detail, throwing in some whipped cream for flair. And we were off. He asked for blueberry pie, then pumpkin. After awhile he switched to raw eggs. He wanted me to smash them all over his body. For the climatic finish I had one of the black studs take the whipped cream bottle and shove it up SG’s ass. He came as I described the big black cock fucking him using the white whipped cream as lube.

It was a fascinating call. I felt like I learned so much from talking to SG. Sploshing isn’t my kink and I don’t fully understand it. It seems like a fun fetish but it seems so wasteful. There’s never any reference to even composting the leftovers. (that’s my granola munching Birkenstock wearing hippie side talking)

But maybe the wastefulness is part of the appeal? The sploshers are so abundant that they can “waste” food this way? I think that’s the appeal of financial domination. Or maybe it’s more childlike? The sploshers never got to play with their food as children so now as adults they want to?

What fascinates me most about sploshing is what makes food sexy. Pies are sexy but steaks are not. Raw eggs are sexy but hot dogs are not. Mind you I’ve only talked to one splosher. Maybe there’s some out there that only like hot dogs. But certain foods seem more splosher sexy-pies, cupcakes, pork and beans, mashed potatoes. Foods that are soft seem appropriate, as do foods that are liquidy.

SG liked our call and has called back several times. He’s an interesting client because he combines sploshing and domination. When researching this kink for my original Fetish Friday post all the sploshing pictures I found had an air of fun about them. The models were smiling most of the time and there seemed to be an air of lightheartedness in the play. With SG the sploshing is more about humiliation. During a call I sometimes grab his hair and rub his face in a plate of mashed potatoes. Or I tie him up, force his mouth open and pour olive oil down his throat.

No matter how many other foods we bring into the fantasy SG consistently goes back to the pies. After awhile my mind was going blank-I could only think of so many kinds of pies. To keep the call flowing I looked up pie recipes online. Suddenly I had a ton of desserts to throw onto his pussy-key lime, banana cream and pecan pie. He especially like the pecan pie because it’s a sticky one.

His favorite pie of late is one I came across by accident. Mr. Radical and I were out dining with friends recently. Looking over the restaurant’s desert menu I noticed a triple berry pie-blueberry, raspberry and boysenberries. I saved this one until the very end of a recent call. I described the berries in detail as I smashed it into his eager pussy. SG moaned and came.

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