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May 29th, 2008

Adult Blog Hub

Backlash Group

Lina from Uncool sent me this notice from Adult Blog Hub:
“If you are not aware already, Adult Blog Hub is a UK run and hosted site. This means that we are subject to UK law. In the last few weeks new laws have been passed that will, by the end of the year, make it illegal to possess images of what are deemed to be “extreme” pornography. The exact definition of this has been the cause of great debate within the adult world, both online and off.

Sadly the law has been drafted very badly making the definition of “extreme” almost impossible to accurately interpret. See here for details –

In light of these changes we have made a decision. Despite the law not affecting us directly, as we do not possess or host images that might be thought of as “extreme”, some of our members do feature them. While the law would not make linking to a site containing such images a criminal offence we do not wish to be seen to be encouraging the propagation of these images.

In future please do not add posts to ABH if they contain links to or images from any of the following sites:

We understand that in fact the vast majority of even these images on the aforementioned sites do not contravene the law with regards to consent etc.

As a guide, we may have to ask members not to link to posts containing similar images from other sites. Pink or read bottoms are OK, for example, but black and blue bottoms, skin broken from spankings/paddlings or canings is not. Imagery depicting rape (even if it’s obviously staged), sex with animals or sex with models who appear to be under-age is also a no-no, as it has always been on ABH.

We do not condone the law, we see it as a step towards censorship and a restriction on freedom of expression. However we need to be seen to be making efforts to ensure we do not link to some previously legal images. Thank you for your understanding.”

It’s weird seeing just how many people and groups are being affected by this UK law. Don’t know what this is about? You can read more on Backlash’s page. The above image comes from their site.

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