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January 24th, 2009

Sex Work And Honesty: Political Opinions

Mouth of Truth

Many of my clients ask about my political beliefs. I don’t mind talking about them. (Anyone that knows Mr. Radical and I well knows how much we like talking politics.) If asked what I think about political news I always give an honest answer. While my honesty hasn’t changed through the years, my clients’ reactions to my answers have.

When I first started PSO work Bush was in his first term, 9/11 was still fresh on people’s mind and a “don’t question the government or the terrorists will kill you and the baby Jesus” mentality was prevalent across the land.

Maybe this sounds naive but I really didn’t expect such a negative reaction to my political beliefs back then. I didn’t think I was really that radical but my clients certainly did. (this contributed to the naming of my blog)

In those years clients often became upset at my answers and more than once we’d start to bicker. I quickly saw how being argumentative could affect my wallet so changed tactics and added a disclaimer. When clients asked my beliefs I’d caution them that I was pretty liberal and held opinions that not only were contrary to the mainstream but could possibly upset them. I then reminded them that it was their call and they could change the subject whenever they wished.

The effect of my disclaimer worked better than I imagined. If a client became annoyed at my answers I’d remind them that I cautioned against asking me my political opinions. But saying I was “radical” made many eager to hear my answers. What did a radical person really believe? I enjoyed the opportunity to gave a different perspective to the then pro-president, pro-war angle being pumped endlessly by mainstream media.

For my part, I always tried to be polite. Even when I disagreed with them I tried to see their point of view. I don’t think of myself as a good debater. Mr. Radical is far better-he can recite facts and figures with such accuracy it’s as if he’s reading an invisible encyclopedia. Me, I tend to get flustered while debating. But when debating an intoxicated or horny man I suddenly have quite the advantage.

Some of my clients love my liberal beliefs. During the first years of the Iraq War when pro-war news seemed to be everywhere several of my clients were eager to have someone who shared their anti-war beliefs. We’d talk for awhile about the news before starting their fantasy.

As the Iraq War toiled on and support for it and for Bush diminished more of my clients started talking politics. Over the last year I rarely have to say my little disclaimer. Often clients who once supported the war will call and complain about it hasn’t ended yet. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s frustrating when a client speaks a belief I disagree with and then says he wants to move to the fantasy before I can give a rebuttal. But I always let the client choose when to stop talking politics and to start talking kink. After all, it is their call. I’m just grateful I got to show many of them an alternative view.

These days my Democratic clients are starting to get annoyed that I’m not supporting Obama as enthusiastically as they are. I try explaining that as a lifetime Democrat I’m always more critical of Democratic politicians. Maybe I’ll need to come up with a revised disclaimer? Regardless, I’ll continue speaking my beliefs when asked. As a political activist I can’t imagine doing otherwise.

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