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December 28th, 2009

Convicted Chicago Sex Worker Killer Gets Life

convicted killer Andre Crawford

I blogged about attending my first Dec. 17th IDTEVASW event here. That day had been a long one for me. I had driven quite a ways to get to the event. After the vigil I went back to my hotel room and got a several hours long call. It was late by the time I got off my phone but I couldn’t sleep. I had to google the names on the slips of paper I had gotten during the vigil:

Patricia Dunn Chicago, IL 1990’s
Shaquanta Langley Chicago, IL 1990’s
Nicole Townsend Chicago, IL 1990’s

I was shocked when I found out that not only was a suspect found but he had gone on trial and been found guilty this month. My Google search came up with stories dated Dec. 17th. The irony made my stomach turn. I had meant to blog about the trial earlier but just couldn’t.

Tonight was the first time since that night that I felt ready to search again.

From NBC Chicago:
Andre Crawford Gets Life Sentence
“A Cook County jury has spared the life of a Chicago man convicted in the rapes and murders of 11 women between 1993 and 1999.

A jury earlier this month took 10 hours to find Andre Crawford guilty of the crimes, convicting him on all counts. A unanimous verdict by the same jury was required for a death sentence.


“It only takes two killings to be eligible for death. It was 11. What kind of justice is that?” asked Rena Carlock, the sister of Patricia Dunn, one of Crawford’s victims.


Crawford was arrested in 2000 and accused in the series of rapes and murders. One victim was assaulted and left for dead on Thanksgiving night of 1997 but survived. Prosecutors alleged the victims were prostitutes and drug addicts who agreed to trade sex for narcotics but were instead attacked and then raped as they lay dying.

He pleaded not guilty, but DNA evidence linked him to the deaths of Patricia Dunn, Rhonda King, Angel Shatteen, Shaquanta Langley, Sonja Brandon, Nicole Townsend, Cheryl Cross, Tommie Dennis, Sheryl Johnson, Constance Bailey and Evandrey Harris.”

I’ll admit that I waffle on the death penalty. But 11 victims and one that survived?! And who knows if there’s more. If I had been on that jury I suspect I’d have voted for death.

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5 Responses to “Convicted Chicago Sex Worker Killer Gets Life”

  1. Willie Makit says:

    I know how you feel vix. . . .
    However lets take a closer look at it. . . . .
    This guy is going to (eventually) get what’s comming to him. . . it’s just gonna take a wee bit
    of time. Sooner or later this sick fuck is gonna
    fuck-up and get himself killed in jail. I’ve done
    some jail time and as a result I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about here.
    these kind of people have “a natural ability” to
    fuck up. . . especially in jail. So I think that
    when he finally gets his I think you will feel a
    whole lot better.

  2. Serpent says:

    Well Gary Ridgway didn’t get the death penalty, so I guess nobody should be surprised. What kind of crime warrants the death penalty these days? I wonder if his sentence would have been different had these women not been prostitutes or if they had been children or police officers or anybody who wasn’t an African-American female.

  3. Vixen says:

    WM-You make a good point.

    Serpent-Agreed. If the victims had all been pretty college girls on spring break or something similar I’d bet he would have gotten death.

  4. Gunner says:

    Vixen, Had all the victims been ‘male’ the monster would have gotten the death penalty. Crimes against women are on the rise.

    His Laywers probably said he was from a broken home, where he was molested, beaten, played GTA-so he thought it was ‘ok-for that sort of violence against sex workers’, he was criminally insane, he didn’t get enough sleep because he got home late from a Judas Priest Concert & threw in the damn twinkie defense for good measure.

    He got off because he was a “Jury Of ‘HIS’ Peers’…it’s High Time Perps like Him got JUDGED by a Jury of the VICTIMS Peers! I’m 100% Pro-Choice & I “Choose” the Death Penalty for this Whack Job. If my taxes are going to pay for 3 square meals & housing for a criminal, instead of (those women’s orphans-they couldn’t have all been childless-AND needed help with their educations too!) and he’s not going to get the Chair or Lethal Injection then buy G-d he’d better be doing HARD Labor..and I mean Serious Chain Gang Hard Labor for the rest of his life until he drops!

  5. Vixen says:

    Gunner-You’re right about his lawyer. During the trial his lawyer said he was abused by his mother and that she whored him out. I don’t know if that’s true or if it was just a defense tactic.

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