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December 17th, 2009

Sex Worker Candlelight Vigil

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

This Dec. 17th was my first time at an International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers event. It was a somber event but also an inspiring one. I cried, as did others in attendance. But I left with the hope that comes from activist solidarity.

We sex workers have much work to do but we do have each other.

At tonight’s event a bowl was passed around with the victims’ names printed on slips of paper. We took turns saying their names aloud so we could all honor their memory. I drew out the following names:

Patricia Dunn Chicago, IL 1990’s
Shaquanta Langley Chicago, IL 1990’s
Nicole Townsend Chicago, IL 1990’s

I want to research these fallen sex workers. I hope to learn their stories and to write about them. One of the women tonight said “please don’t forget me” after reading her slips of paper. By writing about these women I hope to honor their memory and to raise awareness of violence against sex workers.

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