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December 26th, 2009

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Since the Sugasm seems pretty dead in the water I’ve decided to launch a new series. One of my favorite parts of the Sugasm was picking the Editor’s Choice post. Vix Pix will feature a few posts that have caught my attention over the month. Most will be new posts but not all. Amanda’s post is an older one but it’s new to me so I’m putting it in.

Have a post you think I’d like? Send me an email at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom I can’t guarantee I’ll include you but I’ll certainly check it out. Unlike the Sugasm there’s no requirement that you repost my little list-but feel free to if you like. I just wanted a way to showcase fellow bloggers.

Vix Pix 1

Debauched Domestic Diva had a good rant this month:
December: Month of the Rant
“Tomorrow I’ll begin December with the thought in the back of my mind that I will find myself once again this year somewhere in NYC in the cold night, holding a candle while the names of the sex workers murdered in this past year will be read.”

DD writes about her reactions to Dec. 17th’s IDTEVASW. After attending my first event I can relate.

Amanda Brooks gives some great conversation tips on her Notebook blog:
Impressing a Client With Conversation
“Although I touch on the value of good conversation in Book 1: The Foundation, I don’t go into a lot of detail on building your conversational skills. There are no “tricks” to good conversation: listen and when you say something – have something to say.

Having something to say might be a problem for some girls. Successfully conversing with someone several years older than yourself and with much more life experience requires that you feed your mind. If you feed your mind a diet of tabloid magazines and TV reality shows, you’re not going to offer much that will interest or entertain your client.”

Much of her advice applies to PSOs as well as escorts. People often think I only talk about sex. But more often than not I’ll chat with my clients before the fantasy begins. I especially like her point about specialized knowledge. I may not know about the latest hip TV show but I know a lot about solar power and splitting wood. Many of my big city clients love to hear about my off grid lifestyle.

The only thing I’d tweak about her article is the news links because I love my liberal, often paranoid, news sources. ; )

One of Modern Hooker’s last strips for Carnal Nation:
Death Sentence for Marcia
“In May, 2009, Arizona prison inmate Marica Powell was servign a 27 month sentence on prostitution charges when she was left outside in a “holding cage” in the 107 degree Arizona sun without shade or water, and died.”

I love MH’s comic strip. She does an excellent job of stirring up emotion in a small number of panels. This strip was both sad and upsetting. I’m shocked about that police report form and am determined to find a picture of one!

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