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December 1st, 2009

Worlds AIDS Day

Worlds AIDS Day

From the Worlds AIDS Day site:
“We’ve developed all sorts of materials (posters & leaflets, badges & balloons…) which feature the theme of HIV: Reality and the international HIV symbol - the red ribbon. You can help shape attitudes and improve public understanding of HIV by ordering our posters and leaflets (or our t-shirts!) and making them available wherever you are. 100% of the profits we make from sales go to our charitable work - we’ve raised nearly £250,000 this way over the past few years. You can find out what’s on offer and place your order here

There’s a lot to explore on their site. Another one covering this event is the World AIDS Campaign site.

AIDS is not a popular topic for PSO calls. When clients want to talk about safe sex, AIDS is grouped into STDs or the vague phrase “staying safe”.

Most of my clients’ slut adventures only happen in Erectionland. There are no sexual diseases in that paradise. Condoms only come into play for humiliation purposes. In a fantasy I’ll fuck a guy and then pour the full condom into my slave’s mouth forcing him to drink it.

Some of my callers like to pretend their Erectionland adventures are real. One guy, I’ll call him Super Slut, is a perfect example. SS likes to call me up and tell me about his most recent fuck fests. In his tales he’s always the star and everyone he encounters wants to fuck him. I play along, pretending to believe him and pretending to be turned on by his antics.

SS is a huge fan of cum. Much of the call is spent on the cum details-how it looked, how it tasted, where on his body it was squirted. He says he hates condoms because they block access to the gism. But he tries to present a believable fantasy.

Often when he starts a story he’ll assure me that the guy “told me he was clean so it was ok”. Sometimes his imaginary girlfriends go on the prowl and bring him back studs to fuck. “They always make sure that the guys are clean before they bring them back.”

We both know that just because people say they’re clean it doesn’t mean they are. But I play along and he tells me about their cocks which are always long and thick. I find it interesting that in this day of safe sex and STD awareness that he, and many of my clients, create a safe sex/STD free portion of their fantasy.

I have a handful of clients that actually have a lot of one time only/casual sex. When they can escape from their heterosexual, often married with children lives they sneak off to glory holes or arrange a motel meetup on some gay hook up site.

How do I know these men are actually doing it in reality and not Erectionland? Often it’s the details. Erectionland stories are always perfect-every cock is long and thick and the sex is porn quality. Reality rendezvous often have those little nuggets of truth-nervous laughter, awkward first kisses, occasional guilt and failed erections.

These clients overwhelmingly practice unsafe sex. They justify it to me in different ways. They tell me it’s ok because they only had their dick sucked, they spit the cum out instead of swallowing, they got fucked bareback but told the guy to pull out before cumming or they only sucked a cock instead of getting fucked. I’ve heard all sorts of reasoning.

While it’s true that certain sex acts are more risky than others unsafe sex is just that-unsafe. When asked my opinion I always talk about safe sex. But I only do it once. I figure they’re not calling me for a lecture. They’re grown men and it’s their responsibility to take care of their health, not mine.

Nonetheless, I feel like I should say something. I give a little safe sex speech which admittedly dulls the call. Condoms are always mentioned as is getting tested. If I think I can mention the client’s wife without freaking him out I’ll point out that he could pass something on to her. (Often the wife is strictly off limits on calls.) I like to finish with a cute giggle and a “but I’ll know you’ll be safe” comment to lighten back up the mood.

Do they start practicing safe casual sex because of my little talk? I don’t know but I certainly hope I have an effect.

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